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Casato Prime Donne Award 2012

The Casato Prime Donne award 2012 goes to Maria Carmela Lanzetta mayor of Monasterace

Maria Carmela Lanzetta will be awarded in Montalcino together with Giorgio Dell’Orefice, Luciano Ferraro, Montalcino News and Gianfranco Bracci.

Monasterace is a village where a pharmacist who is married and has two children, a normal woman, becomes a symbol of courage, a mayor who maintains her role regardless of the attacks and threats and so becoming an example for all women.

She has been elected Prima Donna 2012 and will be protagonist of the award giving event to be held in Montalcino on September 15th at 5pm in the Teatro degli Astrusi, together with Giorgio Dell’Orefice, Luciano Ferraro, Montalcino News and Gianfranco Bracci who have divulged the territories where the Brunello and Orcia Doc wines are born.

It is the beautiful countryside where Casato Prime Donne belonging to Donatella Cinelli Colombini is found, this winery, the first in Italy with an all female staff, which organizes the award and promotes, among the Brunello barrels and in society, a new feminine role.

A model which the jury of the Casato Prime Donne award have seen well expressed in Maria Carmela Lanzetta, a mayor who has had her family pharmacy set fire to, three rifle shots on her car and who has been threatened umpteen times, regardless all of this she has maintained her role and thus receiving solidarity from the National institutions and the general desire for a different future for the territories where the respect of rules is still a source of risk and sacrifice.

Together with her journalists and photographers have been awarded, these have given a large contribution to the divulging of Montalcino and of its wines.

Among the five finalist photographers Gianfranco Bracci, Marcello Ballerini, Kris Ubach, Michelle Grant, Douglas Pearson, the popular jury has chosen the first as the winner. This result arrived via internet from all over the world.

The prize regarding the subject “Io e Montalcino”- Montalcino and I went to Giorgio Dell’Orefice for his articles published in the daily newspaper “Il Sole 24 ore”.

The President of the Consorzio del Brunello Fabrizio Bindocci awarded Luciano Ferraro from the “Corriere della Sera” for the section “Il Brunello e gli altri vini di Montalcino”- Brunello and the other wines from Montalcino.

The award “Montalcino la sua storia, la sua arte e il suo vino” per opere a firma femminile –Montalcino its history, its art and its wine described by a women went to the journalists of “Montalcino News” for having reinvented the local chronicle in a modern format.