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Casato Prime Donne Award 2013

Montalcino an award for women and the territory

The Casato Prime Donne award 2013 goes to Linda Laura Sabbadini with a strong message regarding feminicides and women who suffer violence. For journalism and photography the winners are Ernesto Gentili and Enzo Vizzari, Emanuele Scarci, Fiammetta Fadda and Andrea Rabissi.

Montalcino. From the Casato Prime Donne award arrives a request for concrete action in favour of women who are physically and psychologically hurt. This is the meaning behind the choice of Linda Laura Sabbadini as Prima Donna 2013, Director of the department of social and environmental statistics for Isatat, it is she who headed the ISTAT survey which, in 2006, revealed the enormous dimensions of a phenomena which up until then had been vastly underestimated: 6.700.000 women object of physical or sexual violence, 10 million if one considers the psychological violence, a million of women with a rape or attempted rape in their past.

Next to Linda Laura Sabbadini, recognition goes to the most meaningful works in the divulging of the Montalcino territory, the magic land of Brunello, where the Casato Prime Donne winery is situated, which in fact promotes the award and, unique case in Italy, is staffed by only women, a gynaeceum in a wine-world practically dominated by men.

The Casato Prime Donne award for female journalism goes to Fiammetta Fadda with her article entitled L’italiana che scala l’hit parade della vigna, published in “Panorama” and dedicated to the Italian challenge towards the world wide wine podium.

The Consorzio del Brunello award went to Emanuele Scarci for an economic article L’export spinge il vino italiano, published in “Il Sole 24 ore” where it is emphasized how Italian wine has well resisted the crisis thanks to the foreign markets and how Brunello has doubled in only 5 years its export towards the US.

Ernesto Gentili and Enzo Vizzari, with the article Settebello published in the weekly “L’Espresso”, won the section “Io e Montalcino” with a piece where the talk about 7 wine and food gurus among which Franco Biondi Santi, the great producer of Brunello who recently passed away.

The best photograph of the Brunello and Orcia territories has been selected via web by voters all over the world. The image by Andrea Rabissi, published on on 15.06.2013 resulted in being the winner.

The photograph will be exhibited permanently in the “Sala Ilda Bartoloni” at Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino, together with the inning images of the past editions.

A plaque was awarded to MontalcinoNews for their daily work in communicating with and from this territory just one year from their receiving the “Casato Prime Donne” prize they received in 2012.

During the ceremony on September 14th in the Astrusi theatre in Montalcino, and during the dinner in honour of the winners at Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda, “laLut” group of research and theatrical production, represents 3 stories by Giovanni Boccaccio. With the extraordinary irony of the great writer, of which this year the700 years from his birth are celebrated, the stories show how violence on women has always had the same characters.