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Tinaia del Vento al Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino

Tinaia del Vento and biodiversity, where nature merges with technology

The “Tinaia del Vento” is immersed among the vineyards at Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and brings together nature and technology. The area is open on four sides to let the must oxygenate naturally during vinification, just as it once occurred in the old wineries where high ceilings and large doors allowed for a complete change of air. The new modern stainless steel vats are equipped with heating and cooling systems, they are open-topped, with a truncated-cone shape. On the ceiling above there will be a rail along which a mechanical arm  runs and  pushes the grape-skins down, this permits the vinification to take place  without the use of pumps.

The yeasts used will also be reminders of olden times. This project was born from the collaboration between Casato Prime Donne and Oliver Ogar, a young and innovative company in Verona who, thanks to financing from the EU is studying the bio-diversities and the identification of new strains of the indigenous yeasts of the main Italian wine denominations.
In 2007, at Casato Prime Donne, we carried out natural micro-vinifications without the use of selected yeasts, in small vats kept distant from the rest, so as to avoid contamination. The studies carried out in the Oliver Ogar laboratories brought to the selection of a few promising strains, one of which has been used in experimental form during the 2008 harvest on 50 hl of  Sangiovese Brunello, which is now ageing in 5 hl tonneaux and soon can be tasted.

New year at Fattoria del Colle as a couple or with friends

Relaxation and great wines, massages and guided winery tours, dinners and vinotherapy, cookery lessons to lean the local cuisine, this is what  will be waiting for you at fattoria del Colle

Fattoria del Colle is in a corner of Tuscanystill miraculously intact, it is practically a small hamlet surrounding a chapel and  a villa from the 16th century. There are rooms with bathroom and apartments  (from to 2 to 14 guests) where the antique furniture adds a touch of intimacy which reminds one of our grandparents homes. A place apt for relaxation and where one can enjoy the splendid panoramas.
The main protagonist is the wine, with the vineyards around the estate and the cellar under the villa. To the  Chianti and Orcia wines produced at Fattoria del Colle must be added the Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino coming from Casato Prime Donne belonging to the same owner. Great wines to which dinners and tours will be dedicated as well as the couples bathing time in the tub for vinotherapy and the massages with products made from grapes and wine in the newest part of our wellness centre. A harmonious world of good things to be discovered in a fun and stimulating way  through many brief experiences and especially thanks to the guided and itinerant tastings.
For the New Year period enjoy friendship, nature and some gluttony!

3 romantic days as a couple € 248 per person + New Years Eve dinner 90€

2 nights in double room with bathroom and breakfast with home baked cakes, local cold cuts and  cheeses

Wellness – vinotherapy and couple massages

1 dinner with wine tasting with 4 courses and 3 wines
Guided tour of the Brunello winery and brief tasting
Itinerant tasting and tour of the historic halls at Fattoria del Colle
Cookery lesson regarding the Sienese Christmas cakes

3 days on the estate for the New year with family, friends and four-legged friends € 176 a persona + New Years Eve dinner 90€
2 nights in an apartment  (2 bedrooms 1 bathroom – 3 bedrooms -2 bathrooms) self catering
1 dinner in the restaurant at Fattoria del Colle with 4 courses and 3 wines
Two hour wellness experience with Turkish bath, sauna, sensorial shower, and mini Jacuzzi with chromotherapy
Guided tour of the Brunello winery and a brief tasting
Itinerant tasting and tour of the historic halls of  Fattoria del Colle
Cookery lesson regarding the Sienese Christmas cakes…

Cantine aperte remembering Leonardo da Vinci

Cantine Aperte 2019, Wine day at Casato Prime Donne proposes a candlelit itinerary with music, food from the times of Leonardo and great Brunello and Chianti wines


In the Casato Prime Donne winery lit with chandeliers, listening to music from the late 15th century with a glass of Brunello in hand and some food from renaissance times. Donatella Cinelli Colombini wishes to dedicate Cantine Aperte 2019, in her winery in Montalcino to the Tuscan genius Leonardo da Vinci this year, 500 years since his death.

Leonardo had a vineyard in Milan not far from Santa Maria delle Grazie where he painted the Cenacle. In 1515 he wrote the rules for the correct way to produce wine and gave wine practically a spiritual role  “Il vino, il divino licore dell’uva” . To Leonardo have been attributed the idea of the decanter and of the air lock to stop wine and air meeting in the barrels.



<<This itinerary is through the cellar, candlelit, and with tastings of great wines, music, and simple food that recall Renaissance times and will be fun even though it is based on solid cultural basis >> says Violante Gardini,  Cinellicolombini Jr who guides the Movimento del turismo del vino della Toscana and organizes the day dedicated to wine tourism in the whole region.

Guided tastings at 11 am, 1pm, 3pm and 5 pm must be booked previously at the following number 0577 849421 (18€ per person for the 4 guided tastings at fixed times and then some informal tours with quick tastings from 11 am to 6 pm).…

Here's why Brunello di Montalcino is unique

What makes Brunello di Montalcino so special and inimitable? Here’s why the wine from every winery in Montalcino different and what makes Casato Prime Donne stand out

Montalcino is the place where the Sangiovese variety reaches excellence; the soils are from very old geological eras, the climate is favourable and the grape growers’ passion helps to create real masterpieces with just one grape variety: Brunello di Montalcino. Few territories the world over can produce wonderful wines with just one variety Burgundy with its Pinot Noir, the Rhone valley with  Syrah … these areas the soil vocation and the love of the grape growers unite perfectly. This also happens in Montalcino. At Casato Prime Donne for example, where there is a small hill facing south and with the Suga stream close by. The owner’s ancestors used to go to Casato by horse, to go hunting in the big woods that reached the sea. Already in 1592 they were paying taxes, for the products of their land. But it was Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s grandfather, Avvocato Giovanni Colombini, who emphasized this area with Sangiovese vineyards to produce Brunello. In the past few years thanks to the changes in climate the quality of the grapes has reached extraordinary levels. In fact the cool microclimate at Casato Prime Donne allows a slow and gradual ripening of the grapes and this gives the wine extraordinary elegance, harmony and complexity. …

Our unbeatable Wine Tours

A perfect blend of excellent wines, art and captivating activities: these are the wine tours at Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda and Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino

By Alice Bracciali, Fattoria del Colle

Our key words are authenticity and excellence.  Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s ancestors were already owners of Fattoria del Colle and Casato Prime Donne at the end of the 16th century; these are today open to the public for guided tastings and wine tours.

Our proposals give one the possibility of tasting wines that win International awards and the possibility of learning family history and stories together with other small wine making secrets: during the itinerant tastings in fact you will be guided to discover the most hidden corners of these two historical estates. Among the tours, some of which are very suggestive and fascinating, such as “Let’s play winemaker” and the “Wine and Music tasting”, which are absolute novelties and enrich our portfolio of activities in a curious and captivating way.…

Montalcino Casato Prime Donne Tinaia del vento

Brunello di Montalcino 2011 surprising and feminine

4 stars vintage, the most anticipated and the quickest we’ve ever seen. The grapes were sound but with very few clusters that at Casato Prime Donne have been handled with the most gentleness.

Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s wineries are the fist to have an all female staff. This is a project born in 1998 especially for the production of Brunello when Donatella tried to find a cellar master to take care of her wines when her parents gave her two wineries, to be renovated – Casato in Montalcino and Fattoria del Colle in southern Chianti. Finding a young cellar master proved to be quite difficult; there were though many young girls, with the same title who could find no winery prepared to give them the technical management. It is quite form this episode that the idée of an all female project begins with the scope of demonstrating women’s’ ability in wine. Now 17 years later and thanks also to global warming, that has given the vineyards in Montalcino a much superior quality potential than in the past, Casato Prime Donne has progressively distinguished itself for the production of a traditional Brunello of high quality and extreme elegance. Harmonic wines then and very satisfying right from the beginning and at the same time long lasting thanks to the slow and gradual ripening of the grapes. Today Brunello from Casato Prime Donne is exported to 34 countries and it’s appreciated by the most important international specialized press.…

Montalcino - Villa i Cipressi - orto

Donatella presents her super Brunello 2009

We have made only13.000 bottles of Brunello 2009. Less than 1/3 compared to the usual production. A brave decision which we hope our clients will appreciate.

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

We chose to bottle as Brunello only the wine that, in our opinion, was worthy of being such a wine. We have used what normally becomes Prime Donne selection and Riserva, which in the 2009 vintage have not been produced.

The reasons behind these courageous decisions depend on the climate of that year.
In 2009 the winter and the spring were particularly rainy followed by a very hot summer. The grapes were on their way to a complete ripening when, at the beginning of September, thunderstorms brought a lot of rain and a rapid decrease in temperatures to 10°C. The grape skins contracted so as to keep shut in the precious tannins and anthocyans which are the true richness in red wines apt for long ageing, such as Brunello. Then the sunny days came back which “softened” the skins but the really good clusters were those picked for last, around the 9th of October. From those grapes we obtained our Brunello.…

Fattoria del Colle dinner with Russian importers

Halloween with end of harvest party

During the long All Saints bank holiday, at Fattoria del Colle, end of harvest party with dancing among the barrels, Halloween and extra virgin olive oil dinners, tastings and tours.

A very long weekend full of activities, surprises and parties, are what Fattoria del Colle proposes at the end of October. Tastings of the Brunello just born and the new oil, 3 themed dinners with menus full of surprises and great wines, guided tour of two wineries and tastings of important wines.
In the Tuscan countryside still uncontaminated, coloured with the autumn colours, a weekend able to regenerate you in spirit and in the body, it will teach you much about wine and the typical cuisine, but you will also make plenty of new friends. Because other than tours of the wineries, tastings, cookery lessons there will be dinners, dances and games. In other words a countryside atmosphere like long ago which will really make you feel that you are in Tuscany.

€ 52,00 per night, per person, stays in double room with breakfast
All the activities in the program are free excluding the meals which are priced one by one


Wine and music at Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino

On Sunday May 26th great wines, great music and great images from the land of Brunello at Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s winery for a “sensorial” Cantine Aperte-Wine day

Donatella Cinelli Colombini, who in 1993 invented Cantine Aperte, has decided to renew the formula for the visit among the barrels, transforming it into an experience which exalts and comments wine with sounds, images and obviously tastes. The sound track studied by Bonella Ciacci – a sort of expert in wine and music accompanies 8 wines divided in three tasting spots.

We are at Casato Prime Donne, on the Montalcino hills, facing Siena, and this is where the wine and music trail is. First stop dedicated to Chianti and Doc Orcia from Fattoria del Colle, Donatella’s other winery. Here the music is contemporary Italian pop from the area such as Baustelle, Gianna Nannini and Jovanotti. The next stop in the Vineyard and the vinification areas called tinaia del vento built to produce Brunello with autochthonous yeasts.…


Autochthonous yeasts from hornets in our Brunello

Native yeasts are trendy and more frequently they are used to protect the typicality of a wine, just as Donatella Cinelli Colombini has done

But is it as marketing ploy or is it really an identifying element?

We believe that they really are an identifying element. At Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino we use native yeast chosen in 2008.  It is not a contradiction. It is a practice which is scientifically flawless  (carried out for us by the Oliver Ogar laboratories): it is in fact possible to isolate strains present in a spontaneous fermentation to then reproduce them in the laboratory and use them for production. We have tried three of them and one of them has given extraordinary results. In the logic of increasing the Exchange between Vineyard and insects we built the  vinification area called Tinaia del Vento – where we vinify the Brunello in truncated-cone shaped vats, open on top. The results have been excellent.…

Vigneto vecchio Casato Prime Donne

The Brunello 2007 is just born

Brunello di Montalcino and other wines

Brunello becomes Brunello at midnight of new years eve. Let me explain

So the new Brunello is just born. In this case it is an extraordinary harvest: vintage 2007 – five stars, where the grapes reached a level of perfection never seen before.

Let me tell you how the climate was in 2007, and why it brought to the production of such wonderful grapes. That year the winter never arrived. In Tuscany it seemed as though one was in Sicily and it was possible to eat out of doors even in January. The rainfalls arrived in Spring. During the summer regardless of a few days of heat wave , the temperatures were quite normal, with some storms that occasionally reduced the temperature and helped the vine’s vegetative cycle.…


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