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The Casato Prime Donne and Fattoria del Colle wineries reopen

The Casato Prime Donne winery in Montalcino and Fattoria del Colle in the Doc Orcia region become a green wine destination


Wine and tourism out in the open. A formula born by necessity because of social distancing due to Covid-19. Come to live a new wine experience. Discover the vegetative cycle of the vine, the soil, the grape varieties and most of all the panorama. For instance the landscape here becomes a protagonist of outdoor toasts and wine tastings.



Casato Prime Donne a Montalcino is open also on Saturday afternoons from now on. It proposes a tour with an itinerant tasting of Rosso, Brunello di Montalcino and Brunello Riserva. It is possible to see some of the organic Sangiovese vineyards and also where the wine ages in barrel and vinifies (at least from outside).

There will be explanations regarding the vintages of Brunello in front of the Calendar with the stars. It will be possible to interact with some of the modern art installations. There is the selfie frame, or Punti di Vista and the Modernacolo created for Carla Fendi. The tour lasts about an hour and is very engaging.
Just one request: it is necessary to book beforehand.



It is important to register before leaving home also for stays at Fattoria del Colle . Here the activities proposed to guests are many and diverse because the farm is like a small hamlet for the 16th century surrounded by vineyards and olive groves with a splendid panorama of the Crete Senesi and the Valdorcia.…

Fattoria del Colle Trequanda

Fattoria del Colle new top wine destination

2 new proposals for wine lovers looking for an unusual itinerant tasting or who want to spend a day among vineyards, wines and activities


Itinerant tastings that resemble adventures out to discover vineyards and wines, aromas and tastes, panoramas and historical locations. Also the proposal for a day at Fattoria del Colle to regenerate in a safe place, in contact with nature an able to tell a story centuries old. An itinerary dedicated to vineyards and to the wines they produce. Another activity that proposes an itinerant tasting with a mixture of history, aromas and flavours. A lunch experience to taste different Tuscan cheeses or cold cuts, and on Saturdays the possibility of an excursion to the Brunello di Montalcino winery Casato Prime Donne.

Tours and lunches are organized upon request and must be booked the previous day calling +39 0577 662108 or via email at info@cinellicolombini.it



3 vineyards, 3 grape varieties and 3 wine tastings (h. 12,00 midday from the farm courtyard)

Itinerant tasting of the wines in the organic vineyards with the same variety of grapes are grown: Traminer for the IGT bianco Sanchimento, Foglia Tonda for the Doc Orcia Cenerentola and Sangiovese for the Brunello that is made in Montalcino at Casato Prime Donne visible at a distance. This experience thanks to an expert guide will be a fun discovery of the characteristic of the three varieties and of the vines they produce (15 Euro per person).…

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Slow tourism, some suggestions in Tuscany

Alternative itineraries to motorways, bicycles, trekking … Fattoria del Colle is a good starting point for a slow travelling hunting for panoramas

In our area one finds a bit of everything: from the most beautiful kilometre in Italy, to the Eroica circuit, and its paths for strolling. Fattoria del Colle supplies news, maps of the circuits and even the bicycles… absolutely everything so that the guests can appreciate the spectacular panoramas of the Val d’Orcia and of the Crete Senesi. It is also possible to appreciate them from your car, but travelling slowly they are even more beautiful.

Let’s begin with the car itineraries: the famous golden kilometre is on the Cassia SS2 between Rocca d’Orcia and Gallina. About 30km from Fattoria del Colle. It shows a hilly farming territory which is harmonious and intact. No less beautiful, in my opinion, is the road in the Crete which from Asciano (10 km from Fattoria del Colle) goes to Siena. In some suggestive places there are also some resting spots. In April and in October the intensity of the panoramas leave you speechless. The Siena bell towers are seen in the distance just as they were seen by the pilgrims long ago, framed among the hills unchanged during the centuries.

For bicycle lovers Tuscany is a privileged territory but the Eroica race, a bicycle race along dirt tracks with vintage bikes that has a special taste. It is a real myth; people from al lover the world come to race.…

Ardita, trekking d'autore tra i vigneti del Casato Prime Donne Montalcino

The Ardita cow among the Brunello vineyards has fallen down

The beautiful travertine silhouette designed by the architect Marco Pignattai in 2004 and positioned in the Sangiovese vineyards at Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino is now sadly lying on the groundSo similar was the sculpture a cow in flesh and blood that many looked at it as if it were a real Chianina cow ploughing the field in front of the winery. That was the effect that the young architect from Montalcino had tried to produce.

His work of art was part of the new “landscape art” or Land Art , cultural proposal in harmony with the landscape and the environment which in this case expresses itself with the use of local materials such as travertine or even historical pieces such as the antique plough pulled by the cow. Even the protagonist of the work of art is in harmony with the local history; here the cows have ploughed for centuries the fields of the Val d’Orcia.
With Marco Pignattai Ardita we began the “Prime Donne “ trail path in the Sangiovese vineyards where the Brunello wine is born. An itinerary that in the last few years has been enriched with other pieces of contemporary art and quotations by the “super women” winners of the Casato Prime Donne Award: Carla Fendi fashion stylist, Samantha Cristoforetti astronaut, Ilaria Capua virologist, Carla Fracci prima donna ballerina…

Three days ago the Ardita cow had a structural failing and literally fell to the ground.…


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