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E-station for electric cars, organic vineyards and olive groves, solar panels, vegetable garden with Tuscan edible wild plants … for safe holidays in contact with nature


The novelty is the E-station for electric cars the more eco-friendly guests will find right upon arrival at Fattoria del Colle. It is by the Italian company E-Station and has a maximum charge of 22 kW with a Type 2 jack (European standard). It is always on, so those who wish to charge even at night can download the QR code, pay and recharge the car (Euro 0,32/kWh).

At the moment we have not received many electric cars at Fattoria del Colle but in the future surely there will be more, so we shall install more charging columns. At least that is what we hope!



Charging column for electric cars at Fattoria del Colle with Enrico Pelagatti

Charging column for electric cars at Fattoria del Colle with Enrico Pelagatti

Nature lovers and those sensitive to the environment will notice our efforts to adapt a 400 hundred year old estate without a big environmental impact: all of the light bulbs on the estate have been changed with low energy consumption ones. We have changed the engines that cool the fermentation tanks and the wine ageing areas with up to the minute equipment. To the solar panels on the cellar roof we have added others at the entrance ….



These actions do not affect our guests’ stay whereas other environmental choices do: the vegetable garden for example. Caterina Caterina guided us in the choice of edible wild plants from the Valdorcia Valley. Herbs that have been part of our fields for centuries and that allow us to serve bread soups and bread salads like our ancestors did. Obviously the garden contains also tomatoes, zucchini … that are served to those who love salads but, the Aglione, tarragon, borragine … are on the other hand essences that tell of age old stories. Did you know that the giant garlic that grows in our sandy soils has no allicin and so does not leave a bad odour on the breath, and is called “kiss proof”?



Wine destination Fattoria del Colle: Hiking through the vineyards - Tuscany

Wine destination Fattoria del Colle: Hiking through the vineyards – Tuscany

To stop in the panoramic resting areas at Fattoria del Colle or in the three parks to read or regenerate in the silence of the solitude is a good way to appreciate nature.
For the more sporty guests there are some hiking trails through the vineyards to learn about the local plant and animal life as well as the new photography safari with the indications regarding the “postcard landscapes”.

Obviously our most important environmentalist choice regards the ORGANIC certification of the vineyards and olive groves that since 1998 allows us to label wines with the little green leaf logo. In truth this has not been such a big change, except for the increase in bureaucracy, but we are convinced that an official document is however necessary.

We are lucky to live in a wonderful territory, maybe the most beautiful countryside in the world, to protect it means to defend the landscape, the traditions, thy typical recipes, the local population and obviously everybody’s health. For this reason we try and maintain Fattoria del Colle like somewhere suspended in time by offering guests the sensation of staying in the house of their “Tuscan grandparents”.

These means that our guests too must do their bit, being careful to differentiate their garbage, in their consumption of water and electricity.

So that future generations can enjoy this small corner of true Tuscany.


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