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Valentine’s Day with romance and wine

At Fattoria del Colle for dinner on February 14th or a whole weekend dedicated to love, Brunello and aphrodisiac aromas

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day dinner – February 14th – candlelit dinner with a menu concentrated on love. The weekend 15-17 February with erotic aromas, Benvenuto Brunello and romantic rites for wine loving couplet. An intense and unrepeatable program to enjoy your passions



Here is the brief proposal for Valentine’s Day. Romantic dinner in the restaurant veranda at  Fattoria del Colle: slow music, candles, menu with typical traditional Tuscan dishes with aphrodisiac ingredients , such as “ ciancifricola” with quail eggs, panpepato, truffles, saffron, cloves, chocolate….(4 courses, wines not included 34 euro) to be matched with fine wines such as Brunello or Brunello Riserva, Cenerentola Doc Orcia …. For those who wish to prepare their skin for a night of romance dinner can be preceded by massages with extra virgin olive oil or vino-therapy treatments for the couple, or, still as a couple, a bath in the panoramic Jacuzzi.



Fattoria del Colle couples massage with extra virgin olive oil

The most romantic weekend this year coincides with Benvenuto Brunello, a preview of the Montalcino wines (tickets to be bough directly from the Consorzio del Brunello website) where the exceptional Brunello Riserva 2013 will be presented. Montalcino is about 35 km from Fattoria del Colle.


Our 2019 program for Valentine’s weekend is dedicated to wine, erotic scents and romance. The experience of perfuming your body and the explanations regarding the seductive character of certain essences come from Gloria Del Dottore expert in artistic perfuse. Together with Gloria women in love will take an aromatic journey to understand how to wear the more voluptuous perfumes and when o the other hand to wear fragrances that give energy or that relax.

The rooms and apartments are furnished with antique furniture; they have the intimacy of authentic places and are particularly apt for this type of stay.

Candlelit Valentine’s dinner in front of the fireplace at Fattoria del Colle


At Fattoria del Colle, it is possible to be cosseted in the refined and exclusive wellness area: massages, sauna, Turkish bath, wine bath or Jacuzzi with a toast

On Friday evening the Cinderella dinner will be served hoping that every woman will have found her prince charming. On Saturday a guided tour of Fattoria del Colle is foreseen with an itinerant tasting of 4 wines. The historic halls are full of legends and works of art.  A brief lesson regarding Tuscan cuisine will be organized and a dinner with aphrodisiac dishes (4 courses wines not included). In their rooms guests will find a bottle of spumante together with the panforte panpepato, Sienese cake that is considered slightly aphrodisiac.

On Sunday, before going home, couples who wish to Exchange love pledges can go to Lucignano where the tree of gold, will solemnize their promises.


Lucignano Tree of Gold-Tree of love


At 30 km from Fattoria del Colle the Albero d’oro di Lucignano” is the largest reliquary in the world and other than prayer it welcomes love pledges on Valentine’s Day.

The Palazzo comunale dates back to the XIII –XV century and is on the top of a hill.  In the hall that once was the old courtroom, with 15th century paintings of illustrious men, is where the “Albero d’oro” – tree of love. This is the largest reliquary ever created (2,60 m. in height), it was started in 1350 and completed by the Sienese jeweler Gabriello d’Antonio in 1479. It is a copper tree with 12 branches decorated with vitreous enamels, quartz, corrals, shrines with reliquaries, and miniatures.

Lovers have always come here to exchange promises in front of this amazing sacred object and generally the results are more than satisfactory.

At the reception at Fattoria del Colle we will supply you with the parchment containing the love pledge to be read and signed in front of the Albero d’Oro to insure eternal love.

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