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After street food, now its wine's turn to be served in the street

In USA the best wineries begin selling their wines on the street, and in Italy we have Caràvin that offers great wines by young wine makers


Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

In Portland in Oregon, Ryan Harms (owner and winemaker of the  Union Wine Co. Winery born in  2005,and producing at present 1.300.000 bottles has transformed  a 1972 Citroën van into an itinerant chrome  tasting room . He began his activity in June  2014 offering his Pinot Noir’s while they were being tasted also at the International Pinot Noir Conference. A serious provocation if there ever was one!


His plan was very simple << we are always on the lookout to find a way of introducing wine to the public…>>.

I find this approach extraordinary, and very modern and fun. In Italy it would be a real blow for a brand ….imagine  Sassicaia being tasted in the street! Yet our boring old ways can change. And searching on the web  find WineStreet from Asti who last September organized itinerant tastings. A very modern style, an audience of young wine lovers but the locations were actually buildings.

Union Wine Co

Those really offering wine on the street are 34 year old Edoardo Piva and Filippo Torsello who created the Caravin , caravan and wine combined. Their debut was at the Street food festival in Milan. The idea is to propose labels by producers under 35 years of age who began from scratch, or that are following family traditions: Fiol, Corte Fusia, Qu Ale, San Leornardo…

The entire investment regards the wines, the choice of a perfect location and in the end there is a service  of excellent wines all done by the owners and pulled along by and old Chevrolet. A young idea, created in a modern way and destined to young wine lovers …….. hurray!

In the end after Mario Uliassi and Cristina Bowerman, street food chefs who got their stars, we will get super sommeliers such as Luca Gardini or Luca Martini who will present traditional wine tastings in the street.


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