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Coca-Cola personalizzata

Future consumtion, between exclusivity, nature and technology

Wine Intelligence presented the Global Consumer Trends & Category, the show a frenetic world that swings between localism ethics wellness and exclusivity

Selfie tour in Paris proposed by the Mandarin Hotel

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

9 trends on the up around the world do show a lifestyle in rapid evolution where technology plays an always more important part

Instant – examples go from wine served in plastic cups to the app in Starbucks to order coffee and pay with your mobile phone

Active – to be involved. Do you remember the bucket of frozen water- the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Customized Coca Cola

Customized Coca Cola

Among the good involving things an example the English winery Chapel Down offers visitors the possibility of taking home a vine or the opportunity to create a wine. Much more attractive the proposal by the French Mon Potager who allow the possibility to have a vegetable garden at a distance, the wine lovers chooses which vegetables to plant, how to cultivate them, and then receive them at home when they are ready to be eaten.

Sensory – “multisensoriality”, here we go from an electric shock which allows future dads to feel the pains of childbirth felt by their companion, to the apparatus that transmits noises and odours. A lot better is the “sonic wine bar” in New Zealand that matches music to wine tastings.

Clinic where man can experience child delivery pains

Clinic where man can experience child delivery pains

Custom – personalized service. The most exceptional is Coca-Cola with 2 million different packaging designed by clients, but there is also the Mandarin Hotel in Paris that organizes selfie tours so that the guests can take snaps of themselves in the most beautiful places

Fusion – mix, it is practically a must to mix different cultures but also alcohol and cider, chocolate and beer, heavy metal live music and wine …

Localism – local phenomena such as the urban winery and the artisanal breweries are the most evident demonstration of this phenomenon. The Delta Airlines offer artisan draught beers even on flight to help small producers.

Well being – in any situation, this means avoiding renouncing, so here is a wine for pregnant women, weekends for those living up alcohol, haute cuisine for those suffering from celiac disease

delta craft brews

delta craft brews

Transparency – ethics: from the land confiscated from the mafia in Italy, to toothpaste for children that finance actions for needy children, and then Carlsberg in a green bottle in natural fibres which are completely biodegradable.

Upgrade – small luxuries such as the espresso machine to drink coffee at home or the coravin which allows one to use prestigious bottles of wine a little at a t time by drawing out the liquid with a needle without uncorking.