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The meaning of colours on wine labels

Linguaggio dei colori

Women prefer blue, purple and green but not brown or gray. Men are attracted to blue, green and black, but avoid purple brown and orange.

Psychology of Design: Colour and wine labels

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Brunello di Montalcino , Casato Prime Donne


Lets go back to the subject of messages given by colours so as to continue on the subject of wine packaging, started a while back

Below you will find an explanation regarding colours so that we may try to understand which are most apt for each type of wine

PURPLE: This expresses sadness. It must be used sparingly

BLUE: is a cold colour that expresses elegance and seduction but also solidity and because of this is chosen by many banks. It refers to an aristocratic and elite culture which is well associated with traditionally made wines produced in historic locations such as castles, villas or medieval hamlets. Better still if the wine as a male target.


LIGHT BLUE: this colour contains messages of purity and spirituality maybe more apt for water. In wines this might indicate extreme choices such as heroic wines made in the mountains, natural wines, or those produced on land confiscated from organized crime.

GREEN: represents nature and can send out different messages depending on its intensity. In its lighter hue it expresses stillness, if intense a sense of energy and regeneration, if cold it signifies sobriety-. It also contains a vein of humour this is often used with infantile graphics, to distinguish the extreme simplicity and economics of choices- More apt for white wines rather than red for their fresh notes.

YELLOW: lively and warm it is often used in bakery packaging-– biscuits and crackers – because it recalls baking and butteriness. In wine labelling its messages of intimacy and optimism seem more appropriate for reds for every day consumption. If yellow is used together with green it might recall illness while golden yellow and gold express action and devolution. IKEA for example.


ORANGE: excellent visibility on the shelf, it expresses energy and attracts those who are shy and unable to decide. Easy going but I do not feel it is apt for great wines.

Red on a lable: Red represents power, strength, quality and prestige

RED: this is the colour for passion since the Roman times when the brides were dressed in red for their wedding ceremony. It expresses enthusiasm, the joy of life and inning, strength and especially virile strength. It is also a sensual colour. According to its hue it gives different messages, when it is light a joyous colour, when dark more sensual, purple is solemn and rich

PINK: lively and sentimental. I do not feel that it is apt for wines with a great personality

BROWN: the colour of what is real and material, recalls the earth and a simple everyday life, such as that of the grape growers. It might be the right colour for small craft productions where everything is done by hand, according to tradition, by the producer and his family.


GREY: calm and meditation, it is elegant but not lively, it emphasizes rationality in ones choices. It may well accompany wines that aim at innovation.

BLACK: has a considerable suggestive and sexual meaning, it expresses luxury and exclusivity. If opaque it may transmit anxiety while shiny it portrays distinction and elegance. Those aiming at technology and innovation for high quality wines should prefer it.

WHITE: the colour of purity, meditation and optimism. Together with blue it is typically used for hygiene products


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