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The super wineries in Italy and in the world

The winery that in Italy sells most is Giv – Cantine Riunite, but it’s Cavit that exports the most and the one that earns most is Sassicaia.

Antinori winery new stairs

The new Antinori winery

Vinitaly is the time for wine ratings and figures, the two most important ones are by Mediobanca and by Anna Di Martino for “Il Mondo”. Many confirmations but also some surprises: we discover that the great Italian wineries increase their sales regardless of the crisis, in the wine sector that is healthier than the rest of the Italian economy, thanks to a decidedly brilliant export plan. Among the 15 wineries with the highest percentage of exportation in the world, four are Italians: Cavit is in the absolute 2nd position, then Antinori, Giv- Cantine Riunite and Caviro.

This is not a heroic accomplishment considering the size of the major international groups. The largest, the US Constellation, sell wine for$ which means 4 times as much as the major Italian winery

Ferrari wine Trento winery

Winery in Trento, Ferrari

which is Giv-Cantine riunite.
Remaining at home though and looking though the rating of the winery with most business we find after Giv, Caviro, Campari, Cavit, Antinori, Mezzacorona, Fratelli Martini and Zonin all of them with a plus sign regarding sales compared to last year. In fact it seems that the dimension of the estate helps in this conjuncture phase, where the ability to conquer foreign markets plays an important role.

Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia winery

Winery of Sassicaia

The list of wineries with more earnings starts with a Tenuta San Guido belonging to Marchese Incisa della Rocchetta, the one and only Sassicaia, followed by Antinori, then Ferrari, Masi, Santa Margherita, Frescobaldi, Terra Moretti, Cusumano and Ricasoli. Here it’s the great wine families that dominate just as they do in the ratings regarding the wine sold they have a bigger role than the cooperative wineries.

To conclude, we note a piece by Wine News that comments the increase in investments and in the number of employees in the wine sector. It is just a slight variation, 1,9%, but certainly encouraging at this difficult time.

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini