Wine tourism is one of the 725 Passion Tourisms

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Wine tourism is one of the 725 Passion Tourisms


Wine Tourism – Wine road Umbria

Wine lovers online are just one of the 363 tribes that communicate, share, look for exclusive opportunities and travel. They are obviously tourists with a passion

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

JFC FerruzziMassimo Tursismo&management are a research centre and consulting agency among the best in Italy and periodically they send analysis. In september2015 they shared a study regarding industrial tourism that was very very interesting. At this moment, when no one else is thinking about it the Italian industrial museums have 880.000 visitors per year, but the Railway Museum in York in the UK, alone, has 770.000 tourists , so the potential is enormous because there are 166 Italian companies that could become a tourism destination

tourism of passions and fireworks

tourism of passions and fireworks

Wine tourism is full of opportunities and changes. The reasons for a trip change with the birth of new passions, or rather with those 725 personal interests that look for exclusive events to be shared online. That is how 363 “tribes” are born with rites to be shared, a sort of language and own rules. <<Interest becomes in fact a “passion” when this creates a virtual community through communication, sharing, information>>says Massimo Ferruzzi creator of the survey, while underlining that , in 2013 the Italian “tourism of passions” generated 38 million night stays (of which 33,6 in Italy) for a business that regards one and a half billion euro.

tourism of passions - aliens

tourism of passions – aliens

Tourism created by one’s own passion (in our case wine) is generally the secondary holiday, not the main one. 45 million Italians cultivate one if not two passions (48%). In prime position is sport and among the sporting holidays away from home obviously skiing comes first, even thug recently it is decreasing, while biking and young football are on the up. Among the types of excursions trekking is on the increase.

Trekking through the vineyards in Franciacorta

Trekking through the vineyards in Franciacorta

Wine and food tourism in 5th position preceded by sport, games, music, beauty and art. We lovers of food and wine are about 5 and a half million in Italy divided into 16 subjects: lovers of starred restaurants, those who go and see cooking shows and those interested in meat bars or pigs …

Among the passions that are growing, other than spiritual, ours is also on the increase, they are both respectively + 6,2 and 6,1%. Those impassioned by mysteries and what is paranormal and beauty are more and more. So the tribes with more participants are those connected to the spirit (and wizards) and pleasure. There is no more such interest in VIP’s, IT, literature, cinema, and collections.

tourism of passions - naturalism

tourism of passions – naturalism

Are you ready for a laugh: among the small passions on the up and up with hundreds of followers ready to travel we find seduction, or rather the art to charm ones partner, and among the most curious passions are fireworks and aliens, there are 11.000 Italian who set off towards areas where abductions by aliens have been reported.

Passion travel is practically always in Italy (88%) in a 210 km radius from home with Italians using their own car. The major concentrations of passionate traveller are in Veneto, Lombardia and Puglia. The favourite months are July and September. The fellow travellers are neither family nor the usual circle of friends, instead they come from the same community, and they are member of the same virtual tribe with the same passion (76%)

So my dear wine lover friends do you recognize yourselves in this portrait of Passion travellers?

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