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Cenerentola’s gown of light


A wine story that resembles a fairy tale: Doc Orcia Cenerentola wears a gown of light, goes to the ball and becomes a princess.





Once upon a time there was a nice young girl called Cenerentola (Cinderella). The prince invites her sisters to the party, but she stays at home until a fairy visits her bringing her a wonderful gown….Once upon a time there was a wine appellation called DOC Orcia. She had two sisters, older and more famous than her, Brunello and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano that are on the left and the right. She too would like to go to balls, where her sisters’ bottles go, and so the fairy, represented by Donatella Cinelli Colombini, dresses our DOC Orcia Cenerentola with a gown made of light and sends her to the party. This really does seem like a fairy tale with a happy ending. The Magnum bottles are dressed with a spectacular lamp in Tuscan style.



The young and feisty Doc Orcia was born on February 14th 2000. In the area of Trequanda (SI) where the Fattoria del Colle was built in 1592 by the ancestors of Donatella Cinelli Colombini, the present owner.

Donatella believes in this appellation, so much so that she is the president of this Consortium. She also believes in autochthonous varieties with the features of their old identity that give a unique stamp to wines from a specific territory. This is why she recovered the old Sienese variety Foglia Tonda with its distinctive features, abandoned  for almost a century, and experimented on the best ways of cultivating it, containing  its natural tendency to produce too many clusters.  A long study, with a few setbacks and many trials with the help of Professor Cesare Intrieri of the University of Bologna and with the fervent support of Valérie Lavigne at of the University of Bordeaux.



The latter took on the job of finding the best barrels, deciding finally on the 5-7 hl oak casks that are hand made by small French coopers. Today the DOC Orcia Cenerentola has very high ratings from the most influential wine critics all over the world and a commercial success that surpasses anything ever imagined, but that was not enough for Donatella: her aim is for this wine to be served at  the royal tables of kings and queens. So that is why it has now a gown fit for prince’s ball.



Cenerentola’s  spectacular outfit is part of the fairy tale and has been in Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s mind for some years.

The idea takes shape in a hi-tech artisan laboratory that supplies major fashion brands. An all-Tuscan creation that starts off like a box for a bottle of Cenerentola Doc Orcia and becomes a lamp (27 x 47 cm high) with the base and the lid made of oak from the barrels, still stained with wine, and the walls made of plexiglas full of princely crowns that light up with a new and lavish effect that is both eruditely chic and authentically Tuscan.

It evokes the most famous Tuscan Romanesque and Gothic towers – the leaning tower of Pisa, and Giotto’s bell tower in Florence – with their flat finale. The trendy contrast , between the heavy parts and the lighter  transparent ones, between modern and elegant elements and the distressed and purposely rough ones. There are technical virtuosities, as in the double embossment of the crest etched on the base, carried out with the latest generation technology and a graphic component that conceals in the architecture traces of the estate’s identity. The effect is spectacular, a perfect jewel of Tuscan handicraft. And in fact, true Tuscan artistic handicraft, from medieval times to today, is a mixture of old craftsmanship, creative talent and the use of innovative technology.

The names of the craftsmen are Simone Nannipieri, graphic artist creator of the entire project, Renzo Francini, Giammaria Belcore, and Violante Gardini, who impersonated Cinderella in the video that opens with the QRcode on the label.





Inside each lamp there is a magnum of Cenerentola Orcia DOC 2016 with the princely crown on the label.  Cenerentola has found her fairy godmother, her glittering gown, and her prince. It is advisable to take the bottle out first and drink it before turning the light on inside.

For those who do not acquire this Tuscan handicraft and only want the splendid wine inside, there is a blue carton box that opens vertically like a treasure chest. From now on  Cenerentola wine will always bear the princely crown on its label, it was earned with the  ratings of the experts and with its commercial success. Wine lovers from all over the world appreciate its unique character, the message of courage of a young DOC wine that aims high but also because of the more intimate and personal meaning that lies in   its name: to offer this wine to a woman is like saying “ you are my princess”. And this really is a happy ending.


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