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How much does a vineyard cost?

From 2000 to 2013 Brunello vineyards have tripled their value while the average price of Italian vineyards increased by 21%


Barolo vineyard


By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

The most expensive vineyards are in Barolo and in the Bassa Langa di Alba dove where it is possible to find those who buy at a million euro per hectare, although the average is of around 600,000 euro. This list puts in second position the Doc areas of the lago di Caldaro (BZ) with 500,000 euro per hectare, with an historic overtaking of those that have always been the most expensive vineyards in Italy. Veneto gives an exceptional show with Docg di Valdobbiadene at 404,000 euro, a price which however seems too low for the Cartizze area, where if someone sells, they want astronomic amounts. I mean astronomic if compared to the prices of French vineyards, especially in Burgundy, ours appear to all seem quite affordable.

Alto Adige vineyards


This study by the “Filiera vitivinicola: tendenze e prospettive per l’Italia. La Toscana e i valori fondiari agricoli”, carried out by the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, finally reaches Central Italy where the average prices in Montalcino soar. For Brunello vineyards the request is for 350.000€ .

Montalcino vineyards


Recent negotiations have emphasized in fact very different values according to the quality and reputation of the single properties. However it is right to underline that the vineyards in Montalcino have tripled their value in 13 years, while the average increase of vineyards in Italy was of 21% and we were assisting a gradual reduction of the areas which went from 792.000 to 642.000 hectares. Evidently the equilibrium has repaid in terms of value of buildings and in reduction of production.

From the MPS survey it emerges the ascertainment that the effort of qualifying the vineyards and the wines have had a very positive effect. Today a third of Italy’s vineyards have an appellation (123.000 over 341.000 total hectares) and enormous steps have been made especially in the South.


Prosecco vineyards


So we see that while the value of the farm land has had constant erosion since 2004, and onwards, the ones planted with vineyards have had a completely different dynamic. The varieties cultivated in an important way are roughly 90 but the most frequent are 15 and cover alone half of the total surface. Above all the Sangiovese with 53.000 hectares and then the Trebbiano and the Montepulciano.

Only negative note is the standstill in 2012-2013 for the farm land which have decreased by 0,4% on a National level. This is probably an effect of the “ IMU” tax which has slowed down the acquisition of land


List by Cronache di gusto

  • Barolo Docg vineyards in the area Langa di Alba (CN) – 600,000 euro per hectare
  • Doc Vineyards in the area lago di Caldaro (BZ) – 500,000 euro per hectare
  • Docg di Valdobbiadene (TV) vineyards – 404,000 euro per hectare
  • Docg in the hills in Montalcino (SI) – 350,000 euro per hectare
  • Northern Trento vineyards – 320,000 euro per hectare
  • Specialized vineyards on the Brescia hills – 180,000 euro per hectare
  • Doc vineyards in Chambave (AO) – 130,000 euro per hectare
  • Doc vineyards in the Castelli romani (RM) – 109,000 euro per hectare
  • Docg Chianti classico (SI) vineyards – 105,000 euro per hectare
  • Docg Chianti Classico (FI) vineyards– 105,000 euro per hectare
  • Vineyards on the pains in basso Piave (San Donà – VE) – 80,000 euro per hectare
  • Doc vineyards in the Colli Euganei (PD) – 78,000 euro per hectare