Brunello Prime Donne 2013, marvelous


Brunello Prime Donne 2013

Brunello Prime Donne 2013

Brunello Prime Donne 2013 is a masterpiece produced only in a limited number of bottles. Just 6,300 botles for those who love a traditional style

The  Brunello di Montalcino Prime Donne 2013 will surprise you because of its aromas of small red fruits and spices, because it spreads in the mouth with a powerful and harmonious taste that lasts at length

A long lasting and pleasing wine that has beaten the initial forecasts, as in the past happened for the Brunello 1999.

In fact everyone had understood the “old style” of the 2013 harvest but only a few had foreseen its finesse, its quality and most of all its ability to last in time, revealed only after this Brunello was aged in barrel.

Donatella Cinelli Colombini considers the Brunello Prime Donne the flagship for her wineries, the first in Italy with an all female staff.

The idea for this wine was born in 1998 when Donatella noticed that the wine tasters for the Italian wine guides were all men. She decided then to reunite a group of great female wine experts asking them to taste, in a blind tasting, the future Brunello from different barrels, and to choose the one they liked the best. A way of stating that women’s’ tastes are important and that women tasters are just as clever as their male colleagues.

The group, made up of Marina Thompson, Astrid Schwarz, Daniela Scrobogna and Rosemary George MW, continues to meet at least once a year to chose the wine, the type of barrels, the length of the ageing and the blend for the Brunello “Prime Donne”.

The preferred style of these experts is the more traditional, a Brunello that comes mainly from the Ardita vineyard and is aged in large barrels; a powerful Brunello destined for a long ageing. 

Brunello Prime Donne 2013

Brunello Prime Donne 2013

Type: dry red.

Production area: Tuscany, Montalcino, Casato Prime Donne.

Vintage characteristics: Rainy and snowy winter. In Spring the cold and rain disturbed the flowering reducing the number and dimension of the clusters.

The veraison was lengthy because of the absence of hydro-stress. The summer was cool.

The vegetative cycle of the vine lasted a long time and took place as usual. The ripening of the grapes was regular and proceeded in a parallel manner between the ripening of the pulp and the ripening of the skins.

Grape type: 100% Sangiovese (Brunello).

Grape harvest: From September 26th -27th . The day to pick was decided upon tasting the grapes.

The grapes  were handpicked and carefully chosen. In the cellar the sorting table permitted to discard impurities and select the best grapes. The vines at Casato Prime Donne surround the winery and the grapes take less than 30 minutes to go from the plant to the fermentation vat.

Vinification: In truncated cone- shaped vats, open on top, each individually temperature controlled  and with a

plunger. Each vats is of the size apt to hold the production of  plots picked each day. After the

alcoholic fermentation the wines remained 15 days together with its skins.

Barrel ageing: 7 hl French oak tonneaux made in 4 artisan workshops where the oak is cut along the grain of the wood. The ageing finishes in traditional 15- 40hl oak barrels from Slavonia. Before being bottled the wine rested in naked concrete vats. It was not filtered.

Quantity produced: 6,300 bottles.

Donatella Cinelli Colombini harvest 2013

Donatella Cinelli Colombini harvest 2013

Colour:  brilliant ruby red. The slow rotation in the glass emphasizes its structure and richness.

Aroma: fine,  deep. Evident hints of ripe small red fruits, spices and an exotic nuance.

Taste: very elegant and pleasing. Silky tight nit tannins underline the vocation for long ageing and are perfectly balanced with fruit that spreads in the mouth in a sumptuous manner. The persistence is pleasant.

Matching dishes: important wine for important meals The Brunello Prime Donne exalts itself when matched with rich dishes such as roasted and brazed mats. Perfectly matched with aged cheese such as Parmigiano and older pecorinos..

Way of serving: Room temperature (18-20°C). Use balloon shaped crystal wine goblets. Preferably open one hour before serving and decant so as to favour oxygenation..

Home ageing: 25 years or more. Keep the bottles lying down in a dark and cool place. Have the corks changed in Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s winery around the year 2037.


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