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Nature and Sport


At Fattoria del Colle nature teaches and is fun

Fattoria del Colle, memory making place: there is the vegetable garden with  old plants and wild herbs and a tortoise garden.

Fantabosco with themed trees, trekking route, monumental tree, panoramic spots, large vegetable garden, and truffle preserves. At Fattoria Del Colle there really is a lot to see and to taste, as well as visiting the Halls in the 16th century villa and the Doc Orcia winery, and the wine tastings and the meals at the restaurant dedicated to local cuisine.
Did you know that tomatoes were yellow) Have you ever seen  the pepper plant?
The large vegetable garden at Fattoria del Colle is born to place on the table fresh produce but also to allow visitors to discover nature and history, legends and gastronomy hidden in plants. This is a game but it does enrich knowledge.
Fattoria del Colle, where memories get made, where each naturalistic proposal teaches to explore and helps understand that nature is anything but boring but is fun and full of surprises.




Pine wood 200 metres form the chapel at Fattoria del Colle. Made up of themed trees: history tree, tree of fear, tree of lies ….. a park that gives kids fun and makes adults reflect, here too is the tree of hate surrounded by a maze with no exit and forces people to go back to the beginning, the door to forgiveness. The sound tree has branches full of bells that ring when you pull the ropes….The vanity tree is covered with mirrors and owls, beautiful and colorful outside, but dark inside. And then  the  tree  of Kisses to exchange the promises of love …




Fattoria del Colle has three naturalistic  trails (1,5-2,1 Km) equipped with signposts indicating the way and with explanations regarding animals and plants. One itinerary dedicated to vineyards and teaches how to understand the variety and the cultivation of the vine. And finally, a photographic itinerary indicates the most evocative panoramic points to be immortalized.

The reception supplies maps and booklets.


Monumental Tree


Quercia Italia, oak tree named Italy was born around 1860 when the inhabitants of the Grand duchy of Tuscany voted to become part of the Kingdom of Italy. It is found in front of Villa Archi, 100 meters from the estate. The trunk has a circumference of 4,20 m and is one of the oldest trees in Tuscany.


Panoramic spots


Fattoria del Colle is 404 meters above sea level and has a spectacular view over the Crete Senesi and the Val d’Orcia. Two panoramic spots allow one to appreciate the most “beautiful farming landscape in the world” from the parka round the swimming pools and just under  Villa Archi, this last one is equipped with signs that explain the history of places.


Vegetable garden


Here nearly one hectare of land is cultivate with vegetables that reach the tables in the restaurant and come from very particular plants:  like “l’aglione”, giant garlic typical from the region and considered kiss proof because it is tasty bust does not ruin your breath.
Then there is saffron, a spice considered the countryside yellow gold. There are also wild plants from the Valdorcia Valley. Herbs that have been part of our fields for centuries and that allow us to serve bread soups and bread salads like our ancestors did


Truffle preserves


Fattoria del Colle has 5 plots where to hunt truffles, along small creeks. These are protected areas and signposted, here nature is preserved so well that it is prohibited to smoke. In November, when the white truffles come out, truffle hunters with their dogs take visitors to hunt for the precious tubers.

Riserva di tartufo fattoria del colle


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