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Our Sustainability


Sustainability and Ethics

Our territory represents a perfect example of balance between nature, history and the work of man, for centuries we have lived here in harmony respecting and admiring it, but the time has come to do more. Here are some of our actions in favour of sustainability


  • In 2018 we obtained the BIO (organic) CERTIFICATION for the vineyards and olive groves




  • We have dug a new ARTESIAN WELL for the irrigation of the vegetable garden and the parks which in the past, when the reserves from the wells ran out, were left dry


  • In addition to the seasonal vegetables for the restaurant’s cuisine, our GARDEN hosts ancient varieties of native Tuscan food plants


  • for our wines we use LIGHT GLASS, to help reduce the impact of the CO2 produced


  • We are installing a new series of SOLAR PANELS in addition to the existing ones on the cellar roof


  • We have replaced the engines of our cooling system in favour of LOW CONSUMPTION ones,  for energy efficiency


  • All WINDOWS in the air-conditioned cellar have been replaced and fitted with high-tech glass

The sustainable choices also concern the country inn apartments where we have installed CEILING FANS instead of air conditioning  and since 2016 the SEPARATED WASTE  COLLECTION  has been organized. Appropriate recommendations guide the guest to a conscious behaviour regarding the LIMITATION OF WASTE of electricity, water and linen change.


But sustainability for us does not only mean energy saving and respect for nature, sustainability for us is also the enhancement of authenticity and local specificities as well as synonymous with ETHICS and SOCIAL sustainability.


This scope includes:

– the valorisation of the AUTOCHTONOUS GRAPE VARIETY Foglia Tonda which, thanks to our contribution, this has been saved from extinction

– The CASATO PRIME DONNE AWARD which rewards those who write, photograph and divulge the territory and the wines of Montalcino. It also values ​​the new female profiles and women who are role models for all others.

Since 2022, the Award has also been an INCUBATOR OF YOUNG TALENTS with the aim of stimulating the new generations with virtuous examples


To request information call us at 0577662108 or fill out the form.


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