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Grappa di Cenerentola

Grappa di Cenerentola

… and the fairy tale has a new flavour.

Cenerentola Doc Orcia is Violante Gardini’s favourite wine; she is the Cinellicolombini Jr who has created a grappa in small bottles apt for young princesses.

I am a great romantic and the Cinderella story has always made me dream a lot, then the Cenerentola wine is the one I prefer, so for this reason I have created a young grappa from just one varietal, dressed like a beautiful elegant and trendy” said Violante telling of how her first sales project came about, 600 small but very refined bottles of Grappa di Cenerentola.

First of all the Grappa: one must remember that it comes from the distillation of the lees, so from the grape skins, that come out of the vat (and get pressed) when the fermentation phase is concluded and the wine is transferred into another container.
Violante has used the lees from Foglia Tonda, and old and very rare Sienese variety, that is used only for the production of the wine Orcia Doc “Cenerentola”. She has chosen the “Distillerie Alboni Srl” a small artisan enterprise in Mensanello, close to Colle Val d’Elsa, so close enough for the lees to get there to be distilled when they are still warm. The system they use is steam distillation in a discontinuous still with two boilers, everything is manual and the procedure is very very long.

I only have 120 litres of grappa but because of the uniqueness of this distilled product obtained from the old and rare grape variety called Foglia Tonda, of which Fattoria del Colle is the major producer, did I get the reckless idea. A brand new packaging: a very small bottle, 20 cl, perfume like, placed in a shiny black mini-shopper-bag, just like those that we young women use to go to the beach with our friends”. In other words a revolutionary presentation that is quite trendy and in line with what young people today like. Violante asked Simone Nannipieri from the agenzia Winetrade to study the label; he created a negative of the Cenerentola Doc Orcia wine label and printed it onto hammered paper, bordered in silver. In the end the resemblance with a perfume is great and the message of exclusiveness and value results evident. The shopping bag too has a silver logo on it and still in silver the word Cenerentola is on the ribbon that seals the blue tissue paper in which the bottle gets wrapped, and peeks through the bag just like in fashionable stores

So when I saw the bottle with the final label tears came to my eyes” said Violante, proud of her creation and to have re-proposed a traditional distilled product like grappa to a younger target that is also made up of women, by using a fashionable presentation appreciated by the younger generation.

Master Distiller: Distilleria Alboni, Mensanello Colle Val d’Elsa

Quantity produced: 600 0,20 L bottles



Young grappa from fermented lees of the varietal Foglia Tonda.

Distillation method


Method discontinuous soaking steam



Transparent crystalline


Underwood, floral and flowery with net hints of the grapes of origin


Round and delicately harmonious, lengthy and pleasantly fruity retro nasal sensations



vol 42%