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Il Drago e le Otto Colombe

Il Drago e le Otto Colombe

Indicazione Geografica Tipica Toscana

Born in Fattoria del Colle in the oldest and most intact area of Tuscany. It brings you the aroma of ripe red fruits and the powerful and harmonious taste of a hilly territory where the air is clean and the ripening of the grapes slow. Typical of this region are grilled beef steak and pecorino cheese that wonderfully are matched with the Drago e le 8 Colombe IGT Toscana.


The vineyards are cultivated following the organic regime and manually as has been done for centuries. The grape growers prune, strip, tie, and remove the leaves and harvest with craftsmanship and attention. In the winery the staff are all women, they are the doves you see on the label. But there is also a dragon represented, it is Carlo Gardini, husband to Donatella Cinelli Colombini, the owner. He is one of the initiators of the new experimentation.
A game with symbols where we say that Fattoria del Colle winery is feminine but not feministic because great wines have no gender and are produced and costume by those who love nature, culture and all good things.


Bottles produced: this is a masterpiece, only 6,000 bottles made per year. A small exclusive production destined to wine lovers.

Ratings: 90/100 Wine Spectator, 93/100  Robert Parker-wine Advocate


Grape type


Sangiovese, Merlot, and other authorized vines.
The Il Drago e le 8 Colombe was produced for the first time in 2005. At that time there were only 7 doves, and then Valérie Lavigne the consulting wine maker who is professor in the Bordeaux University was added. She changed the blend, removing the Alicante and substituting it with a grape variety from Umbria, the region right next to Tuscany and that begins about 20 km from Fattoria del Colle. All the grapes used for Il Drago e le 8 Colombe are grown on the estate: Sangiovese elegance, Merlot softness and the other vine gives structure. The result is a wine able to age at length and able to excite and give pleasure to those who drink it.



In oak barrels made in 4 artisanal French workshops. The choice to use different types of casks comes from the desire to find the right container for each grape variety. The blending of the three grapes forming the  “Supertuscan” happens at the end of the ageing in barrel. After a period of rest the Il Drago e le 8 Colombe is bottled, where it refines for a further 6 month before being put on sale.
The cellar where this wines ages in barrel is under Fattoria del Colle.



Intense and brilliant ruby red. This wine proves its richness through the slow movement of the wine rotating in the glass.



Fine, complex, full of hints of ripe red fruits, and spices that come from the barrel ageing period.



Of great structure, full, harmonious, and long lasting.

Serve with: noble meats (such as the fiorentina steak) and aged cheeses. Well matched also with Indian and Chinese spicy and tasty dishes.

Service temperature


18° C in clear crystal balloon shaped wine goblets.