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A mouth of truth in Tuscany like in Rome

Mouth of Truth-Tree of vanity

A mouth of truth in Tuscany like in Rome

At the Fattoria del Colle, a working farm and hotel situated in Tuscany overlooking the Val d’Orcia, there is an Enchanted Wood with specially named and themed trees, the one named the Truth tree also has a mouth

The mouth of the Tree of Truth – Fattoria del Colle

Right in front of the sixteenth century villa of the Fattoria del Colle, there is a path which leads to a magical forest where very special trees grow. The Ringing Tree which rings bells by pulling their strings, the Tree of Fear with fearsome chains, blood and pumpkins at Halloween, the Tree of lies with Pinocchio’s red nose

… Then there is the Tree of Truth with a bow to celebrate the birth of a baby and a funeral cross, the only two things which everyone can accept as being the truth: birth and death.

For some days next to this tree there is the mouth of truth with a lion ready to

The Mouth of Truth – the Tree of Vanity

eat the fingers of those who lie.

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The Enchanted Forest is a place where a natural playground and traditional culture have been intertwined and reproduced , sending strong messages to all who venture there. In short, it is not only a place for kids to play. In fact the Kissing Tree has a seat under the mistletoe and lots of rings where lovers can attach padlocks indicating the strength of their love. This romantic location is perhaps one of the reasons why Fattoria del Colle hosts many weddings and wedding banquets.

Mouth of Truth-Tree of vanity

Mouth of Truth-Tree of vanity

In this working Farm and hotel there are individual villas, apartments and rooms to rent, 3 swimming pools, a restaurant and wonderful grounds. There is even a special Honeymoon room for the newly married couple. It was originally created for the Granduke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo of Habsburg and his lover Isabella, and it has

Mouth-of-truth –Tree of Envy

wonderful views of the stunning landscape which surrounds the farm.

Seen to you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini