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In the year of Corona virus the vineyards in 2020 are the only ones who have had an easy year: cosseted regardless the lockdown, never like this year the final objective was a low yield



Sangiovese vineyards in 2020 veraison – Violante – Cinelli Colombini

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

In the confusion of the first days of lockdown, while all Italians were shut in their homes, my grape growers continued to go into the vineyards armed with written authorization for travelling by car, and with the first masks on their face. To complicate things, around March 20th, while the vines were just budding, a frost arrived that burned the young leaves. Not a tragedy we all know that we have to hope for a low yield year because Covid-19 will devastate the markets. Such devastations arrived, even worse than we imagined. For this reason I decide to abandon 4 vineyards in 2020 for a total of 8 hectares. On these areas, which obviously I consider of less quality, we will only do the bare minimum.



So I precede the decisions of the Minister Bellanova regarding the green harvesting.
The 2019-2020 winter was very mild and dry. During lockdown at Fattoria del Colle that was deserted, my husband Carlo and I console ourselves sunbathing at lunch time. Flowering of the vines happened between the end of May (in Montalcino) and the beginning of June (at Fattoria del Colle).



Germoglio-20 marzo-2020-Fattoria-del-Colle

Before the budding – March 15th, 2020 – Fattoria del Colle

In June after several “drought” months the rainfall finally arrives, allowing us some relief, because regardless of Covid-19 we had succeeded in planting a new vineyard at Casato Prime Donne. If it hadn’t rained we would have had to irrigate it.
But rain has also its negative sides: there are mildew attacks and the grape growers start a real battle to defend the vineyards. To stop the white mold, in an organic winery like ours we had to work during the night and interrupt the sulphur sprays as soon as the sun. Quite an endeavour for the tractor drivers and a disturbance for the first tourists arrived at Fattoria del Colle for a rest after months of quarantine at home. Shame but the vines come before everything else. Decidedly in the vineyards in 2020 the year has been a complicated one for several reasons.


Full experience Grape Harvest in Tuscany

For the last two weekends in September and the first two of October at Fattoria del Colle a Brunello, Chianti and Orcia experience



Grape Harvest experience – Fattoria del Colle – Tuscany


From  Friday evening until Sunday to see how fine red wines from Tuscany are born, touching the vines, the grape clusters, and seeing the various phases of the vinification but mostly tasting must, wines, and Reserves … so as to understand the evolution of Bacchus’s nectar with the help of great experts. Three journalists will tell the history of Tuscan wine and the specificities in the production of Tuscan wines and of Sangiovese. A chance not to be missed for wine lovers, where they can stay in peace in the vast spaces of the countryside and in the healthy ambiance of the BIO (organic) vineyards.





Grape harvest experience – Fattoria del Colle – Tuscany

18-20, 25-27 September, 2-4, 9-11 October with a program that includes visits, wine tastings, direct experiences and an in -sight lesson with a super expert.

The frame for these weekends full of experiences and emotions is Fattoria del Colle, 2 and a half hours from Rome and Bologna, one hour from Florence and Perugia.

18 km from the A1 exit Valdichiana-Bettolle.

Fattoria del Colle is a small rural hamlet from the end of the 16th century. There is a villa, a chapel and the old farmers’ houses that have now become lodgings for guests, furnished with antiques and with modern comfort.




The 2020 full-experience harvest weekend program includes participation to different phases of the grape picking and the vinification with a tasting of the new must, plus the guided tour of the vineyards with a tasting of the grapes. The tour of the wineries in Montalcino (Casato Prime Donne) and in Chianti-Doc Orcia with a Vertical tasting of Brunello and Orcia, an in-sight lesson regarding Sangiovese and the wines from Tuscany with an experience called “winemaker for a day” where each participant produces their own Supertuscan.

For information and bookings please click on the link cinellicolombini.it or call the nember: +39 0577 662108.


Fruit salad with Grappa di Brunello

Fruit salad or macedoine is tastier with the addition of dry fruit and grappa. With Grappa di Brunello it is just wonderful!


Fruit Salad with Grappa di Brunello

Fruit Salad with Grappa di Brunello

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

As in everything else it is the quality of the ingredients that makes the difference, if courage and creativity are added too. The fruit salad that everybody calls macedoine is an easy dessert that can conclude with style a meal if well ripe mixed fruit is used, with lots of lemon and some sugar.



If you wish to obtain something really super, then an addition of pine nuts, raisins, nuts and dried apricots, a generous shot of grappa and some whipped cream or artisan ice cream. It is worthy reflecting on these two last ingredients. To use a fine estate grappa from the Brunello lees from Casato Prime Donne  and distilled by Marolo in Piedmont makes all the difference.
If the cream is made with excellent raw products and whipped at the last moment at home, or if the ice cream is Italian gelato….not cream that we used during covid lockdown  (at least Silvia found some of that though!) … then you will have a n extraordinary final dessert for your meal.


The Casato Prime Donne and Fattoria del Colle wineries reopen

The Casato Prime Donne winery in Montalcino and Fattoria del Colle in the Doc Orcia region become a green wine destination


Fattoria del Colle - Italian garden style with lemon trees

Fattoria del Colle – Italian style garden with lemon trees

Wine and tourism out in the open. A formula born by necessity because of social distancing due to Covid-19. Come to live a new wine experience. Discover the vegetative cycle of the vine, the soil, the grape varieties and most of all the panorama. For instance the landscape here becomes a protagonist of outdoor toasts and wine tastings.



Casato Prime Donne a Montalcino is open also on Saturday afternoons from now on. It proposes a tour with an itinerant tasting of Rosso, Brunello di Montalcino and Brunello Riserva. It is possible to see some of the organic Sangiovese vineyards and also where the wine ages in barrel and vinifies (at least from outside).

There will be explanations regarding the vintages of Brunello in front of the Calendar with the stars. It will be possible to interact with some of the modern art installations. There is the selfie frame, or Punti di Vista and the Modernacolo created for Carla Fendi. The tour lasts about an hour and is very engaging.
Just one request: it is necessary to book beforehand.


Casato Prime Donne - Brunello Calendar

Casato Prime Donne – Brunello Calendar


It is important to register before leaving home also for stays at Fattoria del Colle . Here the activities proposed to guests are many and diverse because the farm is like a small hamlet for the 16th century surrounded by vineyards and olive groves with a splendid panorama of the Crete Senesi and the Valdorcia.
Stays in apartments, rooms and villas, typical traditional meals matched with wines, cookery lessons, hiking and vineyard trails, guided tours and wine tastings…all well organized in every detail to offer guests experiences and small discoveries.
For this reason Fattoria del Colle should be considered a wine destination where it is possible to spend a holiday or a day out in the open air with some fine wines.


Summer weekend among the Tuscan vineyards

Two nights and two dinners at Fattoria del Colle in the most authentic part of Tuscany where there are wide spaces and every detail is studied to give safety and emotions



Fattoria del Colle summer weekends in Tuscany

Come and spend a weekend in the most beautiful countryside on a real four hundred year old farm. Among the vineyards, olive groves and breathtaking views Fattoria del Colle proposes stays in rooms with private bathrooms and in apartments with outdoor private areas equipped for eating out-of-doors. Carefully sanitized inside and out so as to guarantee the safety of the guests. However to avoid possible contamination, daily cleaning is still not supplied, just the delivery of clean linen.



3 equipped parks where to sunbathe, admire the panorama and enjoy the quiet of the countryside, 1 swimming pool, 3 signposted hiking trails, where one discovers nature, a special trail dedicated to the vine.


Fattoria del Colle new top wine destination

2 new proposals for wine lovers looking for an unusual itinerant tasting or who want to spend a day among vineyards, wines and activities


Fattoria del Colle

Agriturismo Fattoria del Colle Restaurant

Itinerant tastings that resemble adventures out to discover vineyards and wines, aromas and tastes, panoramas and historical locations. Also the proposal for a day at Fattoria del Colle to regenerate in a safe place, in contact with nature an able to tell a story centuries old. An itinerary dedicated to vineyards and to the wines they produce. Another activity that proposes an itinerant tasting with a mixture of history, aromas and flavours. A lunch experience to taste different Tuscan cheeses or cold cuts, and on Saturdays the possibility of an excursion to the Brunello di Montalcino winery Casato Prime Donne.

Tours and lunches are organized upon request and must be booked the previous day calling +39 0577 662108 or via email at info@cinellicolombini.it


Fattoria-del-Colle-Trekking in the vineyards

Fattoria-del-Colle-Trekking in the vineyards


3 vineyards, 3 grape varieties and 3 wine tastings (h. 12,00 midday from the farm courtyard)

Itinerant tasting of the wines in the organic vineyards with the same variety of grapes are grown: Traminer for the IGT bianco Sanchimento, Foglia Tonda for the Doc Orcia Cenerentola and Sangiovese for the Brunello that is made in Montalcino at Casato Prime Donne visible at a distance. This experience thanks to an expert guide will be a fun discovery of the characteristic of the three varieties and of the vines they produce (15 Euro per person). Lasts about an hour.



3 wines among history, vineyards, gardens and vegetable gardens (h. 3,00 pm: from the farm courtyard)




Breathtaking views, the Italian garden at Fattoria del Colle with its paths, the San Clemente chapel built in 1592 with its stories of heretics and Madonnas, the bedroom that once belonged to the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo sovereign of Tuscany and his lover Isabella, the vegetable garden with its oldest and most curious plants like mandrake that has aphrodisiacal properties, wormwood – the green fairy and the pepper tree … An itinerary of aromas, stories and legends that includes also the tasting of 3 wines from Fattoria del Colle (Chianti Superiore DOCG, Doc Orcia Leone Rosso and IGT Il Drago e le 8 Colombe) and a typical Tuscan snack with freshly picked tomatoes from the garden (13 Euro per person). Lasts about one hour.


Fattoria del Colle reopens Country Inn and Restaurant

In the part of Tuscany where fine wines come from, where Covid-19 practically has never arrived, Donatella Cinelli Colombini reopens and renews the tourism activities from July 1st



Fattoria del Colle Restaurant – Roast suckling duck breast with Cenerentola wine

Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda, a municipality where there have been no cases of Covid-19, and Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino, where those infected have been just a handful, thanks to a Sangiovese in a patron saint version, these are the locations where Donatella Cinelli Colombini, from July 1st, expects tourists and wine lovers.
She wants to offer them fun and regenerating holidays, or just a few hours rest, immersed in the beautiful and uncontaminated landscape, tasting wines of extraordinary quality.



Holidays in apartments and rooms with private and equipped outdoor area to eat out-of-doors. Weekly stays, but also 2 nights stays with two dinners and wine tastings. To sanitize against Covid-19, medical-surgical products and a hydrogen peroxide system are used.


Fattoria del Colle the evening by the pool

For safety reasons daily cleaning cannot be done in the apartments and rooms, so they must we considered self care/self-catering with just a daily supply of clean linen.



Fattoria del Colle has a total surface of 336 hectares and consequently offers wide spaces to regenerate out in the open air. There are 3 equipped parks where to sunbathe, admire the panorama and enjoy the quiet of the countryside, 1 swimming pool, 3 signposted hiking trails, where one discovers nature, a special trail dedicated to the vine. Loungers, deckchairs and outdoor tables, children’s games are all sanitized and distant to guarantee guests’ safety.


2 magnums of Brunello Riserva, 2012 and 2013

Two great vintages of Brunello in the Riserva version and in Magnum bottles in a wooden box delivered directly to your home for your parties and important dinners


All Brunello is able to last in bottle for many years; the Riserva version is born for very long cellaring. Donatella Cinelli Colombini produces Brunello Riserva only in the best vintages, choosing by hand a small quantity of absolutely perfect Sangiovese grapes. For this reason Brunello Riserva has only been made 10 times in 13 years.
Always small quantities, for each vintage about 6.000 regular bottles and 100 magnums get produced.
The Magnum size 1,5 lt is the size where the wine is preserved best. If you are a wine lover and you want to surprise your friends with two exceptional Brunello, do not miss out on the possibility of buying these magnums of Brunello Riserva 2012 and 2013.
They will arrive in wooden boxes, directly on your doorstep together with a vacuum wine saver. This will help you store the bottle and be able to enjoy the wine, within the next few days.



Receive directly at home in  A WOODEN BOX AND WITH A VACUUM WINE SAVER


Brunello riserva 2012-2013 Casato Prime Donne Montalcino


Special price  248 Euro (instead of 310) up until May 19th 2020

We offer free shipping in Italy and a 10€ discount on shipping abroad.



Special price 265 Euro (instead of 310) up until May 19th 2020

To this price the shipping cost must be added, for Italy 18,00€ while abroad the cost varies from nation to nation and will be quoted upon acceptance of the order.


PAYMENT via bank draft or credit card (VISA or MasterCard)



Send an email to vino@cinellicolombini.it

This offer will conclude May 19th 2020


OFFER: Brunello 2015 Robert Parker-Wine Spectator 94/100

6 bottles of Brunello di Montalcino 2015 in a wooden case and a vacuum wine saver to preserve opened bottles so they can be slowly consumed. All delivered to your home

Incredible offer for all Brunello lovers. A 5 star Brunello, at a special price for you to organize a real super dinner or a virtual dinner that will have all your friends die of out of envy . Because this Brunello is extraordinary and you will be among the first to drink it. In the wooden case there is also a vacuum closure to help you preserve the wine left over for a few days. The bottles that you do not want to open now can be stored in your wine cellar for great occasions in the future. In the meantime they increase in quality and in value.


Have you seen the Wine Spectator April edition of Insider? Our Brunello di Montalcino 2015 has been rated 94/100 with this description << Complex and harmonious, this red evokes cherry, plum, earth, tar and wild herb flavours. Bright and solidly built, with a long finish echoing fruit, mineral and underbrush >> then the suggestion << Best from 2023 through 2042>> Bruce Sanderson.



The same wine gt the same rating of 94/100 from Wine Advocate –Robert Parker <<The Donatella Cinelli Colombini 2015 Brunello di Montalcino caps long years of careful study and experimentation. When I think back to what this wine tasted like, say, 10 years ago, I notice that the ongoing stylistic tweaks faithfully reflect the general evolution of the appellation. This wine is very much a symbol of a united move toward more streamlined and delicate expressions obtained with winemaking techniques that reflect a more traditional and Tuscan ideal.

The bouquet opens to delicate flowers and violets with wild cherry and bitter almond. The level of toast and spice has been ratcheted down quite considerably. The results are polished, clean and bright. Some 42,000 bottles were made (and were released in January 2020). Drink from 2021 through 2035>> Monica Larner.
You will receive directly at home


At a special price of € 205,00 (instead of € 232,00) until April 28th
Free shipping in Italy and 10,00 € discount on shipping abroad

Cornavirus and tourism in Tuscany

The 6 people who work in tourism welcoming guests at Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and at Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda send us a photo and their stories during Covid-19 Isolation

Di Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Antonella Marconi Casato Prime Donne Montalcino

Two posts , the second will follow in a few days, where the welcoming staff in the wineries and country inn belonging to Donatella Cinelli Colombini in the uncontaminated heart of Tuscany, tell us of their isolation. Antonella, Silvia, Carolina and Sara from Montalcino, Trequanda, Sinalunga and Rapolano tell us the following



The First who speaks is Antonella, half Italian half English she lives in Montalcino and has two sons, the oldest of which is an excellent archer and who often competes in the archery tournaments among neighbourhoods in Montalcino: the Sagra del Tordo and the Apertura delle Cacce.

Her photo is taken in front of her home directly in front of the Fortress in Montalcino <<What has been most difficult for me about the lockdown >> she explains<< has been the continuous change and addition of rules and regulations. I am pragmatic and these daily changes have been quite trying emotionally. After this isolation I just want to go back to work, back to the winery in Casato Prime Donne, and give tours again. Contact with people, for those who like me work with the public, is really being missed a lot. During this lockdown all normal contact with our dear ones is modified; a good night kiss is best avoided. In my house we have thought up a new rite, to be done contemporarily, that substitutes the usual effusion>>.


Silvia Argilli Tuscany tourism Fattoria del Colle


Meet Silvia, the artist of the group. She sketches and paints with great prowess. Her family is in Arezzo and she lives alone in an apartment in Trequanda, where Fattoria del Colle is too. Silvia says that what she has missed most <<is to be distant from friends and family and to not be able to embrace them>> her greatest wish is to <<enjoy the freedom that before was taken for granted>> but nevertheless she  <<has discovered that that celebrating my birthday and that of friends at a distance is not so bad. There is only one problem, the cake was all for me!>>

Donatella’s two new young winemakers

Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s female cellar staff increases with the arrival of two young winemakers


Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and Fattoria del Colle in southern Chianti, the first in Italy to have an all female staff in Italy, see the arrival of two new entries: Sabrina Buzzolan and Giada Sani.


Donatella Cinelli Colombini’ winemakers Barbara Sabrina and Giada

Two young winemakers who will share the responsibility of producing Brunello, Chianti Superiore and Doc Orcia under the supervision of  Barbara Magnani who for the past twenty years has been Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s right arm. In medium -long term the idea is to renew the staff. Though at the moment Donatella and Barbara intend to keep the younger staff under Barbara’s wings to strengthen their abilities and to stimulate the desire to innovate without forgetting tradition and nature. <<An alchemy that requires courage, love of the territory and passion for cellar work>> explains Donatella Cinelli Colombini while presenting the two new arrivals. Both are small and minute, they are different though in aspect and in personality.  Giada is Tuscan from Asciano, 10 km away from Fattoria del Colle; she has dark long hair and love tidiness.  Sabrina Buzzolan comes from Malo Vicenza; she has blonde curly hair and the skin tone of the women by Tiziano.


Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s winemakers Barbara Giada and Sabrina

In their professional journey there are differences too. Sabrina studied at San Michele all’Adige and then in the University in Udine where she got a degree in viticulture and oenology. She began to travel for wine at a very young age with  work experience opportunities all over the world. In Antonio T. Palacios Garcìa’ laboratory and then the Erasmus at Universidad de La Rioja.

Harvests in Kooyong Winery in Australia, in France in the Château Guadet, Chateau Puygueraud and in the very famous Chateau Pavie Macquin, followed. Sabrina  has also had experiences in Journey’s End in South Africa and in Carrick Wines in New Zealand.

A great formative profile with vast horizon intermingled with period in Italy beginning with a job in the Maculan winery in Breganze up until her arrival at Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s.

Thanks to the languages known Sabrina has paired her role a wine maker in the Montalcino winery  Casato Prime Donne with a marketing role. This way she is taking on a profile very close to what Riccardo Cotarella call the winemaker of the future <<who, other than making the wine, knows also how to sell it>>. For this reason she is about to take part in the Wset course and has begun to work side by side with Violante Gardini the estate export manager at wine fairs.

Rosso di Montalcino 2017 by Donatella

A powerful Sangiovese , extremely pleasant , that in the  Rosso di Montalcino expresses at its best the characters of a hot years such as 2017 and the extraordinary Brunello terroir


2017 in the vineyards is explained in the words of the Divina Commedia by Dante << guarda il calor del sol che si fa vino>> (Canto 25 of Purgatory). Poetic words that describe a very hot summer where the vines suffered for the draught for month and the grape growers tilled the land to impede that the soil hardened.

A vintage, 2017, that expresses itself at its best in young wines, such as the Rosso di Montalcino, and has among its strong points the Mediterranean vigour and pleasantness. It is in other words a raring, hot, powerful and velvety Sangiovese.


Montalcino is, in the world, the territory where Sangiovese expresses itself at its best. An extraordinary territory that makes something extremely difficult happen, in fact it makes it even seem easy: to produce with the same grapes and from the same vines, young wines that are extremely pleasant and elegant, like Rosso di Montalcino, and super premium wines apt for long ageing such as Brunello.

Rosso -di- Montalcino- 2017- Sangiovese -harvest


In Europe, the 2017 vintage will be remembered as the scarcest and most troublesome of the last 50 years because of a frost at the end of April, and because of a dry and torrid summer, and finally because of the hailstorm in September. A wild climatic situation that miraculously missed Montalcino where the only difference with other vintages was the beginning of the harvest within the first 15 days of September.

Cantine aperte remembering Leonardo da Vinci

Cantine Aperte 2019, Wine day at Casato Prime Donne proposes a candlelit itinerary with music, food from the times of Leonardo and great Brunello and Chianti wines


Cantine- Aperte- 2019 Casato- Prime- Donne

In the Casato Prime Donne winery lit with chandeliers, listening to music from the late 15th century with a glass of Brunello in hand and some food from renaissance times. Donatella Cinelli Colombini wishes to dedicate Cantine Aperte 2019, in her winery in Montalcino to the Tuscan genius Leonardo da Vinci this year, 500 years since his death.

Leonardo had a vineyard in Milan not far from Santa Maria delle Grazie where he painted the Cenacle. In 1515 he wrote the rules for the correct way to produce wine and gave wine practically a spiritual role  “Il vino, il divino licore dell’uva” . To Leonardo have been attributed the idea of the decanter and of the air lock to stop wine and air meeting in the barrels.



<<This itinerary is through the cellar, candlelit, and with tastings of great wines, music, and simple food that recall Renaissance times and will be fun even though it is based on solid cultural basis >> says Violante Gardini,  Cinellicolombini Jr who guides the Movimento del turismo del vino della Toscana and organizes the day dedicated to wine tourism in the whole region.

Cantine-aperte-2019-Casato-Prime Donne -Montalcino

Guided tastings at 11 am, 1pm, 3pm and 5 pm must be booked previously at the following number 0577 849421 (18€ per person for the 4 guided tastings at fixed times and then some informal tours with quick tastings from 11 am to 6 pm).

At the Entrance guests receive a glass and a candle with the request to turn down the volume of their phones so as to enjoy fully the audio, visual and flavour sensations that recall the Renaissance. First stop in the fermentation area in the medieval atmosphere with the screening of images – Chianti Superiore will be served with home baked bread dressed with 2018 extra virgin olive oil.


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