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A category invented by the young sommelier Vincenzo Donatiello in 2018 which includes wines for the swimming pool: fresh, immediate and pleasant but never trivial




by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Wine experts snub them by branding them as thirst quenchers without real quality but actually they exist all over the world. The French call them vins de soif that is wines for thirst, in English they take the name of poolwine which corresponds to the swimming pool wines proposed by the Lucanian sommelier Vincenzo Donatiello.



It was this thirty-year-old professional who proposed them for the first time in Italy in 2018. Vincenzo was the maître of the Piazza Duomo restaurant in Alba until February 2022, with the starred chef Enrico Crippa.


It is a “wine” restaurant because it overlooks the vineyards, bases its menu on tradition and  the great wines by Donatella Cinelli Colombini and it has two AIS Sommeliers




Today and tomorrow, I will present to you the protagonists and the new recipes of the Fattoria del Colle Restaurant in Trequanda, in the most intact and panoramic Tuscan countryside. The restaurant is actually made up of two restaurants: the recently restored barn as a hall for banquets, conferences and parties, and the gourmet restaurant, which has existed since 1998. The latter is inside the hamlet where the farmers used to live and where today there are rooms and apartments for tourists. The restaurant is housed in the old ox stables and pigsty, although now, with the floral decorations on the walls and refined furnishings, it seems difficult to believe.

In summer, the internal rooms extend outwards into the terrace and romantic grove illuminated with small suspended light bulbs as in ancient peasant feasts. The grove and terrace above the cellar are in great demand for weddings and allow each couple to create a very personalized wedding party unlike any other. Every detail is thought out with care, even the lighting of the grove is designed by Philip Robinson – the English set designer of famous films such as “Four weddings and a funeral”.

In the menu of the Fattoria del Colle Restaurant we find the same mix of tradition, accuracy and creativity.


Tuscan antipasto: Soppressata salad

Salad made with a mix of Soppressata, oranges and fennel with extra virgin olive oil and black pepper. Tasty, sweet and spicy – a delicious winter salad


Sopressata salad: ingredients

Sopressata salad: ingredients

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini
This is a poor dish that has become rich and has acquired dignity thanks to the new hath trends, and attention towards waste in the cuisine of the new millennium. In fact Soppressata (sausage made of lean meat and cut lard cured with salt, pepper and spices) is the poorest cold cut. It comes from cooking the left over pork pieces such as the head, rinds and tail together with spices and citrus rinds. On its own it is not a diet food, because it is very fatty, but it becomes apt for a healthy meal if you add oranges, fennel and extra virgin olive oil.
The result is a very tasty antipasto that is typically wintery. Soppressata in fact is made only in cold months and does not have the ability to be preserved for long periods of time.



For 4 people. Very easy, just 15 minutes to prepare.

200 g of Soppressata, 2/3 oranges, 3 fennels, a few pomegranate seeds, extra virgin olive oil, salt and black pepper.