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2017: the most Mediterranean harvest ever in Tuscany that has produced very sensual wines that are warm, powerful and able to give their best in youth, Cenerentola Doc Orcia is one of these.





This wine comes from the maddest vintage since the beginning of the century: at the end of April there was a spring frost that hit the whole of Europe. Our hills remained miraculously unharmed while in Spain or Sicily the young buds on the vines were burned.
But another danger was in stall: after a winter with few showers an African summer began, that at the beginning of August made the thermometers rise to 40°C. Bushes, hedges, streams without water and hoards of thirsty wild boar that ate the grapes still unripe to quench their thirst.
Those, who like us, practice an organic regime in agriculture, have had less problems of hydro stress in the vineyards because the vines, solicited to react spontaneously to the climate, have maintained an equilibrium abandoning part of the clusters that remained green and were later removed.
At the end the 2017 harvest has been the scarcest ever.
While the Sangiovese, main Tuscan variety, has suffered thirst and heat, the Foglia Tonda a local rare variety, carried out one of its best performances.



However there is a reason for this funny name, it is the similarity between the Cinderella fairytale and the Orcia Doc wine region. This appellation was born in 2000 among the high hills between the Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montalcino wine regions. It would seem an adverse situation with two stepsisters who are older and more famous and who get invited to royal banquets, while the young Orcia DOC gets ignored. But this situation is one that also incites to combactivity and creativity.
So , in conclusion, with a lot of courage and a pinch of magic the Doc Orcia region challenges the sisters.


We shall be waiting for you at Fattoria del Colle to hunt for, to cook and to taste the white Crete Senesi truffle during All Saints weekend




From Friday October 30th to Sunday November 1st, three days (two nights) during the foliage, white truffle and extra virgin olive oil period in Tuscany where Brunello and other fine red wines are made. To stay at Fattoria del Colle amidst the vineyards, to dine with local traditional dishes, to hunt for truffles with truffle hunters and their dogs and then learn how to prepare them. As well as visiting the vineyards and (partially) the wineries, taste the fine red wines and finally dine with the truffles, so aromatic and maybe even a little aphrodisiacal!



  • 2 nights in double bedroom with bathroom at Fattoria del Colle


  • 2 breakfasts with cold cuts, cheeses and traditional cakes, coffee, milk, juices and yogurt
  • Hunting with truffle hunters and their dogs
  • Brief cookery lesson on truffles with the Fattoria del Colle chef Doriana Marchi
  • Guided tour of the vineyards and partial tour of the Brunello winery Casato Prime Donne with an informal wine tasting
  • Guided tour of Fattoria del Colle with itinerant tasting of three wines



Autumn is the foliage moment, when the vineyards and the woods change colour transforming the Valdorcia and the Crete Senesi into a fairytale scenario: This is maybe the moment that the countryside is at its best. Ideal for hiking and for photography safaris, regenerating the body and mind.

The pleasures of the table are also of high level in autumn, because long evenings allow us to slowly enjoy the most gluttonous pleasures .Fattoria del Colle is in fact in the area of the Crete Senesi where the white truffle comes from as well as where one of the best Tuscan extra virgin olive oils is made. Last but not least: fine red wines: Brunello coming from the Casato Prime Donne winery in Montalcino that belongs to the same owner, Chianti Superiore and the Doc Orcia produced from the vineyards around the estate.


2020 Grape harvest is heading towards another 5-star double-win

2019 and 2020 grape harvest, like identical twins, but different: both worthy of the highest rating but also to be understood in their diversity like 2015 – 2016




by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

It is always difficult to shine next to a great star: it will be difficult for those running 100 meters after Usain Bolt, it has been difficult for all mathematicians after Albert Einstein and it is difficult for all entrepreneurs comparing with Jeff Bezos from Amazon.

It will be the same for the 2020 vintage. It cannot shine after a masterpiece of a vintage like 2019 even though it is one of the best vintages picked during the last 20 years, without doubt worthy of the 5 stars given to the best vintages in Montalcino.



Let’s go in order, by telling you in detail the harvest in the Covid year. The first with facemasks and the necessity to keep at a distance however had had contact, even indirectly with those found positive. It has been terrible to say to two grape pickers to because their kids class was in quarantine <<go home and you can’t come back until you have a negative swab>> and it has been difficult to say to our consultant wine maker Valérie Lavigne << if you cannot have a swab done before leaving France you must renounce in coming>>. The risk of contagion has created as lot of worry, many problems and however a much less joyous atmosphere than usual.





There has been a frost during the budding (18-23) at the end of March. To begin with the vineyards seemed unharmed but then we saw that the grapes were decidedly less than usual.
The winter has been very mild and dry. In spring we underwent an attack of powdery mildew in the Fattoria del Colle vineyards and the tractor drivers had to get up really early to spray the vineyards with sulphur before dawn.

In June finally the rainfalls arrived, a really rainy month. The torrid summer began halfway through July and lasted until halfway through September practically without rain except for a nice rainfall at the end of August. Luckily the difference in day and night temperatures has always been great.
The veraison took place at the end of July and the last phase of the grape ripening took place in the heat, especially in September when the daytime temperatures stayed over 32°C. The vineyards were not de-leafed so as to protect the grapes from the sun that did however do some harm.
The problem has been that the rainfall arrived exactly during harvest time and the constant risk of rain forced the grape pickers to an accelerated job, with great anxiety and an occasional prayer.


Sugo bugiardo for the poor farmers

The proverb says <<virtue out of necessity>> and also <<farmers have big shoes and sharp brains>>, the  sugo bugiardo dressing born in the poor countryside demonstrates it

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

The sugo bugiardo or “pretend” was made by the poorer Tuscan families who could not buy meat to put in their sauce and had studied a recipe that resembled the traditional one but, in reality was made with pork and vegetables.



Up until fifty years ago the harder summer jobs, like reaping and threshing regarded an “exchange in labour” among the Tuscan farming families. In other words people went to help their relatives or neighbours with one or two people and got the same help back. Naturally a large number of hungry people had to be fed and this meant two or three lunches, with antipasto, broth, pasta, and meat in a stew, roasts and a dessert.



Not everyone could buy beef so the vegetable garden was of upmost importance. The poorer dressing was born form this necessity. It is a very tasty sauce that seems a regular ragu but in truth is not because it contains only some salted rigatino and in some cases is all vegetarian.



1 onion, 1 carrot, 1 celery stick, extra virgin olive oil, 200 g of white beans, 200 g of salted pork rigatino, 600 g of ripe tomatoes, half a glass of white wine, salt and pepper sage, garlic, peperoncino and aged pecorino.


San Quirico d’Orcia, the Val d’Orcia lounge

10 things to see do taste and buy in San Quirico d’Orcia, the most glamorous, most photographed and most refined small city of art in Tuscany


San Quirico d'Orcia

San Quirico d’Orcia

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

San Quirico d’Orcia is one of the most beautiful cities of art in Italy (30 km from Fattoria del Colle). This resembles an open air lounge thanks to the beauty of its monuments and the century old history that blend in with the glamour of International VIP visitors who want to own a house here: the last of which is Jennifer Lopez who has been looking for a villa for her holidays.
The village centre dates back to before the year one thousand, along the Via Francigena – from Canterbury to Rome- when this route substituted the Roman Cassia route as it became impracticable because of the Valdichiana bogs. The passage of sovereigns such as Federico Barbarossa, pilgrims, merchants and whole armies. This meant making the fortune of the villages every 20 km along the route. In fact this was just the right distance for those on foot or who had to change horses.



Collegiata di San Quirico d'Orcia

Collegiate Church of San Quirico d’Orcia

1) PALAZZO CHIGI: built in the 17th century by a family of Sienese-Roman bankers, to accommodate their relative Pope Alessandro VII who in fact never lived there. Inside the hall have frescoes with mythological subjects. Be careful in entering the decorated rooms, you might enter the Mayor’s office.
2) HORTI LEONINI:a splendid example of Italian style garden created by Diomede Leoni at the end of the 16th century.
3) COLLEGIATE CHURCH OF SAINT QUIRICO AND GIULITTA: built on a parish from the 8th century. Magnificent portals from the end of the 13th century. Inside there are some inlays by Antonio Barilli coming from the Cathedral in Siena. The Altarpiece by Sano Di Pietro and the tomb of Enrico di Nassau who died here in 1451.
4) VIA FRANCIGENA: that runs the whole village with the name of Via Dante. Take note of the houses, towers and palaces on both sides of the road. Near the end, facing south, to the left is the “Spedale” built by the Ospedale di Santa Maria della Scala in Siena to welcome pilgrims.
5) CHURCH OF SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA: dating back to the 11th century in Romanesque style.


With the Club, in Tuscany for the Grape Harvest experience

A special proposal for the members of Donatella’s Club in the occasion of the 2020 grape harvest fro Brunello, Chianti and Orcia


Grape Harvest Experience at Fattoria del Colle - Tuscany

Grape Harvest Experience at Fattoria del Colle – Tuscany

In Tuscany, at Fattoria del Colle, for the last two weekends in September and the first two in October  to see how fine red wines from Tuscany are born, but also to understand the specificities of Sangiovese with the help of three great wine experts: Leonardo Romanelli, Leonardo Taddei and Franco Pallini.
They will conduct the seminars reserved to the participants, to which we are adding an intense program of experiences in the vineyard – touching the clusters and learning how to taste the grapes – and in the cellar seeing the various phases of the vinification but mostly tasting must, wines, and Reserves. The participants will prepare their own Supertuscan wine by becoming “winemakers for a day” and to conclude they will receive a diploma.

Taking part in the Grape Harvest experience 2020 is a way of making new wine lover friends and to take part in the story of Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s wineries. Most of all it is a way to share with her the effort in reaching excellent quality and respect for nature that have made the wines by Casato Prime Donne and Fattoria del Colle international successes.

An exciting and extraordinary  experience, in the peace of the vast spaces of the countryside and in the healthy ambiance of the BIO (organic) vineyards.


Grape Harvest Experience at Fattoria del Colle - Tuscany

Grape Harvest Experience at Fattoria del Colle – Tuscany


€ 228 per person



€ 268 per person



Send an e-mail to : info@cinellicolombini.it or call the number: +39 0577 662108


Grandma Giuliana’s apples covered with custard and meringue

Delicious, simple ingredients, easy to make, but needs time. “Mele coperte” covered apples with custard and meringue, my grandma’s dessert


by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Mele coperte is the dessert that my grandma Giuliana Tamanti Colombini used to prepare for family or for friends who more frequently came to our house. I feel that it is an invention of hers with mixed cultural ascendancies. She was born into a Roman family of famous architects, the Busiri Vici’s and of officials of the Pope, the Barluzzi’s. One of these families had lived at the Quirinale palace until the capture of Rome when the new lodger became King Savoia.


mele coperte – ingredients – Fattoria del Colle

In marrying my grandfather Giovanni Colombini, Giuliana went to live in Modena where her father in law was rector of the University. This is where my mother Francesca was born and where the family lived until they returned to Montalcino, where the Colombini’s actually originated form.
Each of these places left a trace on our table. In our house there was a real cult for eating Tortellini and the Zampone, as it was usual to eat Gnocchi alla Romana and Saltimbocca. I would not be surprised if in the dessert that I am telling you about today there is a real mixture of food cultures and I like to think that it is exclusive to my home.


Sanchimento IGT 2019 Tuscan white wine

From Traminer grapes from the small vineyard next to the chapel at Fattoria del Colle in the best vintage of the century with a hint of orange


IGT Toscana white wine Sanchimento - Donatella Cinelli Colombini - Fattoria del Colle

IGT Toscana white wine Sanchimento – Donatella Cinelli Colombini – Fattoria del Colle

This is the first 2019 vintage wine by Donatella Cinelli Colombini to be ready, and reveals a desire for experimentation. The Traminer grapes used to make it look towards orange wines. It is just a touch of orange but Sanchimento 2019 appears completely different to previous years, with more structure and aromas, with hints of yellow coloured fruits. This is something new and refined and even more versatile in food pairing because it can be matched also with young cheeses and dishes that are just a bit flavourful.
Sanchimento IGT 2019 is a BIO wine (organic) produced with Traminer grapes from the small vineyard that surrounds the San Clemente Chapel (or Sanchimento as in local old tongue) at Fattoria del Colle. The building was built in 1592 by the present owner’s ancestors while the vineyard was planted by her father in 1989. Traminer is an unusual variety in Tuscany that, thanks to the altitude of Fattoria del Colle at 404 metres above sea level and to the cool nights, reaches ripening preserving freshness and aromas.

Sanchimento IGT is a limited production of just 2.000 bottles.


Traminer - Tuscany - 2019 Harvest - Fattoria del Colle

Traminer – Tuscany – 2019 Harvest – Fattoria del Colle


TYPE: dry white
PRODUCTION AREA: Tuscany, Trequanda, Fattoria del Colle
VINTAGE CHARACTERISTICS: dry winter, April and May very vey rainy, the summer was very hot even though interrupted by two great storms, on July 1st and September 15th that however irrigated the soil.
GRAPE VARIETY: Traminer 100%



GRAPE HARVEST: September 10th. The grapes were handpicked and put into small crates with slits, where they were refrigerated before vinification.
FERMENTATION: A small amount of grapes was vinified with its skins and natural yeasts according to the orange wine technique. After 12 days of maceration the racking took place.

The rest of the grapes were pressed and the must obtained was cooled at 4°C for the static decanting of the lees. After 12 hours the limpid must was racked and as soon as the temperature reached 14°C the yeasts were added. The fermentation lasted about 18 days at a temperature of 16-18°C.

Only a few months later did we add to the Sanchimento the 5% of Traminer that had vinified with the skins.
QUANTITY PRODUCED: 2.000 bottles.


The Casato Prime Donne and Fattoria del Colle wineries reopen

The Casato Prime Donne winery in Montalcino and Fattoria del Colle in the Doc Orcia region become a green wine destination


Fattoria del Colle - Italian garden style with lemon trees

Fattoria del Colle – Italian style garden with lemon trees

Wine and tourism out in the open. A formula born by necessity because of social distancing due to Covid-19. Come to live a new wine experience. Discover the vegetative cycle of the vine, the soil, the grape varieties and most of all the panorama. For instance the landscape here becomes a protagonist of outdoor toasts and wine tastings.



Casato Prime Donne a Montalcino is open also on Saturday afternoons from now on. It proposes a tour with an itinerant tasting of Rosso, Brunello di Montalcino and Brunello Riserva. It is possible to see some of the organic Sangiovese vineyards and also where the wine ages in barrel and vinifies (at least from outside).

There will be explanations regarding the vintages of Brunello in front of the Calendar with the stars. It will be possible to interact with some of the modern art installations. There is the selfie frame, or Punti di Vista and the Modernacolo created for Carla Fendi. The tour lasts about an hour and is very engaging.
Just one request: it is necessary to book beforehand.


Casato Prime Donne - Brunello Calendar

Casato Prime Donne – Brunello Calendar


It is important to register before leaving home also for stays at Fattoria del Colle . Here the activities proposed to guests are many and diverse because the farm is like a small hamlet for the 16th century surrounded by vineyards and olive groves with a splendid panorama of the Crete Senesi and the Valdorcia.
Stays in apartments, rooms and villas, typical traditional meals matched with wines, cookery lessons, hiking and vineyard trails, guided tours and wine tastings…all well organized in every detail to offer guests experiences and small discoveries.
For this reason Fattoria del Colle should be considered a wine destination where it is possible to spend a holiday or a day out in the open air with some fine wines.


We are open, come and have dinner at Fattoria del Colle

Dining is a cultural experience other than being a great pleasure. At Fattoria del Colle it becomes a melody of flavours, images and great wines


Pears cooked in wine - Fattoria del Colle Restaurant

Pears cooked in wine – Fattoria del Colle Restaurant

Donatella Cinelli Colombini has collected recipes from housewives in and around Trequanda even before opening the Fattoria del Colle. For the same reason, she has a vegetable garden with lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, Aglione … as well as tarragon, and many types of mint, sage and rosemary …



Obviously the strong point of the Fattoria del Colle restaurant is that the wine comes from the two wineries: Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and the same farm where we make the Chianti Superiore, Supertuscan and Doc Orcia Cenerentola, the latter is becoming a real star in the wine world. The wine list is made up of around 15 preferences including a sparkling wine, a white and a rosé. Those who might think that using wine as a restaurant’s key strength, do not consider that the menu has been constructed to exalt the flavours in the glass and that it is possible to change the wine matched to each dish or something really extraordinary, choose a Brunello vertical tasting selecting from 23 vintages and more than 50 labels between Brunello Riserva, Prime Donne selection and regular Brunello.



If the notes from the glass were not to be sufficient, there are always the explanations from the staff or from the chef Alessandro Sironi who is a sommelier.



The menu concentrates on daily proposals that offer authentic experiences from the Sienese countryside: 6 small servings that alternate bread soups with pinci, noble meats such as Chianina beef, or Cinta Senese pork with vegetables from the vegetable garden, traditional dishes such as the Mantovana, Panforte and pears cooked in wine together with more modern suggestions such as the Semifreddo di Mantovana. Tuscan recipes and ingredients often from farm to table. The list of dishes is a little more austere than previously, but all the same it is able to charm and express the culture of the territory even more than before.

Fattoria del Colle new top wine destination

2 new proposals for wine lovers looking for an unusual itinerant tasting or who want to spend a day among vineyards, wines and activities


Fattoria del Colle

Agriturismo Fattoria del Colle Restaurant

Itinerant tastings that resemble adventures out to discover vineyards and wines, aromas and tastes, panoramas and historical locations. Also the proposal for a day at Fattoria del Colle to regenerate in a safe place, in contact with nature an able to tell a story centuries old. An itinerary dedicated to vineyards and to the wines they produce. Another activity that proposes an itinerant tasting with a mixture of history, aromas and flavours. A lunch experience to taste different Tuscan cheeses or cold cuts, and on Saturdays the possibility of an excursion to the Brunello di Montalcino winery Casato Prime Donne.

Tours and lunches are organized upon request and must be booked the previous day calling +39 0577 662108 or via email at info@cinellicolombini.it


Fattoria-del-Colle-Trekking in the vineyards

Fattoria-del-Colle-Trekking in the vineyards


3 vineyards, 3 grape varieties and 3 wine tastings (h. 12,00 midday from the farm courtyard)

Itinerant tasting of the wines in the organic vineyards with the same variety of grapes are grown: Traminer for the IGT bianco Sanchimento, Foglia Tonda for the Doc Orcia Cenerentola and Sangiovese for the Brunello that is made in Montalcino at Casato Prime Donne visible at a distance. This experience thanks to an expert guide will be a fun discovery of the characteristic of the three varieties and of the vines they produce (15 Euro per person). Lasts about an hour.



3 wines among history, vineyards, gardens and vegetable gardens (h. 3,00 pm: from the farm courtyard)




Breathtaking views, the Italian garden at Fattoria del Colle with its paths, the San Clemente chapel built in 1592 with its stories of heretics and Madonnas, the bedroom that once belonged to the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo sovereign of Tuscany and his lover Isabella, the vegetable garden with its oldest and most curious plants like mandrake that has aphrodisiacal properties, wormwood – the green fairy and the pepper tree … An itinerary of aromas, stories and legends that includes also the tasting of 3 wines from Fattoria del Colle (Chianti Superiore DOCG, Doc Orcia Leone Rosso and IGT Il Drago e le 8 Colombe) and a typical Tuscan snack with freshly picked tomatoes from the garden (13 Euro per person). Lasts about one hour.


Fattoria del Colle reopens Country Inn and Restaurant

In the part of Tuscany where fine wines come from, where Covid-19 practically has never arrived, Donatella Cinelli Colombini reopens and renews the tourism activities from July 1st



Fattoria del Colle Restaurant – Roast suckling duck breast with Cenerentola wine

Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda, a municipality where there have been no cases of Covid-19, and Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino, where those infected have been just a handful, thanks to a Sangiovese in a patron saint version, these are the locations where Donatella Cinelli Colombini, from July 1st, expects tourists and wine lovers.
She wants to offer them fun and regenerating holidays, or just a few hours rest, immersed in the beautiful and uncontaminated landscape, tasting wines of extraordinary quality.



Holidays in apartments and rooms with private and equipped outdoor area to eat out-of-doors. Weekly stays, but also 2 nights stays with two dinners and wine tastings. To sanitize against Covid-19, medical-surgical products and a hydrogen peroxide system are used.


Fattoria del Colle the evening by the pool

For safety reasons daily cleaning cannot be done in the apartments and rooms, so they must we considered self care/self-catering with just a daily supply of clean linen.



Fattoria del Colle has a total surface of 336 hectares and consequently offers wide spaces to regenerate out in the open air. There are 3 equipped parks where to sunbathe, admire the panorama and enjoy the quiet of the countryside, 1 swimming pool, 3 signposted hiking trails, where one discovers nature, a special trail dedicated to the vine. Loungers, deckchairs and outdoor tables, children’s games are all sanitized and distant to guarantee guests’ safety.


6 bottles of a Supertuscan wine and 16 Tuscan recipes

Delivered directly to your home 6 bottles of IGT Toscana Il Drago e le 8 Colombe 2016 Supertuscan together with a professional corkscrew and a little recipe booklet


Il Drago e le 8 Colombe IGT Toscana 2016 has obtained 93/100 from Robert Parker – Wine Advocate and 91/100 from James Suckling. It is a Supertuscan wine: a creative one that does not belong to any designation. This is a family wine obtained with Sangiovese, Merlot and Sagrantino grapes from the vineyards at Fattoria del Colle.

The 2016 harvest was one of the best during the last 20 years and has been rated 5 stars, the top.
Il Drago e le 8 Colombe 2016 is a small production of about 16.000 bottles destined to wine lovers for their meals at the restaurant, but also for the outdoor barbeques.
Together with the 6 bottles of Il Drago e le 8 Colombe will receive a small booklet with 16 recipes so you can cook old and modern Tuscan dishes, such as baccalà alla fratina, pinci, panforte and latte in piedi. Plus in the same case with the wine, you will find a professional corkscrew just like the ones used by sommeliers.



Drago e le 8 Colombe – IGT Toscana 2016 – wine rating


A recipe booklet and a professional corkscrew



Special price of 97,00 Euro (instead of 119,00)
We offer free shipping within Italy, and 10 Euro off shipping costs abroad.



Special price of 107,00 Euro (instead of 119,00)
To this price the shipping cost is to be added, in Italy it costs 18€, while to ship abroad it varies from country to country and will be quoted upon receiving of the order.


Payment via bank draft or with credit card, Visa or MasterCard.



This offer finishes on June 2nd, 2020


Organic Chianti superiore 2018 from Fattoria del Colle

This is the first organic Chianti Superiore made at Fattoria del Colle. It is enriched with aromas thanks to the cold nights and hot days in September.



Chianti Superiore 2018 is a family wine, hence a wine that is born in Fattoria del Colle, that was founded in 1592 by Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s ancestors. This estate has a history more than 400 year old, in the vineyard and in the wines.

Chianti Superiore Bio 2018

This region in Southern Tuscany, at 404 m above sea level, in a territory particularly apt for the production of red wines. It borders with the Chianti Classico, Brunello and Vino Nobile wine regions. The soils are of neo-quaternary origin composed of sand and marine clays. These vineyards were planted on the top of the hills, because well ventilated and well exposed to the sun.

The 2018 vintage was a scarce one because of the frost during the previous year and because of the rainfalls that during the spring disturbed the flowering. In the month of May the showers were particularly frequent and there was also a cloudburst that flooded the winery.

Luckily in September the climate was ideal for the production of great wines, with its cold nights and sunny days, so the grapes size was reduced, and as a result increased the synthesis of the perfumes of the grapes and finally in the cellar we received sound and ripe clusters with a good content of extractable polyphenols

2018 harvest at Fattoria del Colle

2018 harvest at Fattoria del Colle

The Chianti Superiore is a type of Chianti of higher level, because of the quality of the wine and because of the provenance of the grapes from vineyards that do not produce much.



Type: dry red.
Production area: Trequanda, Toscana, Fattoria del Colle.
Vintage characteristics: the spring was very rainy; the summer was cool with frequent storms. The veraison concluded within the month of August. September was dry with great diurnal temperature variation.


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