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Cornavirus and tourism in Tuscany

Cornavirus and tourism in Tuscany

The 6 people who work in tourism welcoming guests at Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and at Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda send us a photo and their stories during Covid-19 Isolation

Di Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Antonella Marconi Casato Prime Donne Montalcino

Two posts , the second will follow in a few days, where the welcoming staff in the wineries and country inn belonging to Donatella Cinelli Colombini in the uncontaminated heart of Tuscany, tell us of their isolation. Antonella, Silvia, Carolina and Sara from Montalcino, Trequanda, Sinalunga and Rapolano tell us the following



The First who speaks is Antonella, half Italian half English she lives in Montalcino and has two sons, the oldest of which is an excellent archer and who often competes in the archery tournaments among neighbourhoods in Montalcino: the Sagra del Tordo and the Apertura delle Cacce.

Her photo is taken in front of her home directly in front of the Fortress in Montalcino <<What has been most difficult for me about the lockdown >> she explains<< has been the continuous change and addition of rules and regulations. I am pragmatic and these daily changes have been quite trying emotionally. After this isolation I just want to go back to work, back to the winery in Casato Prime Donne, and give tours again. Contact with people, for those who like me work with the public, is really being missed a lot. During this lockdown all normal contact with our dear ones is modified; a good night kiss is best avoided. In my house we have thought up a new rite, to be done contemporarily, that substitutes the usual effusion>>.


Silvia Argilli Tuscany tourism Fattoria del Colle


Meet Silvia, the artist of the group. She sketches and paints with great prowess. Her family is in Arezzo and she lives alone in an apartment in Trequanda, where Fattoria del Colle is too. Silvia says that what she has missed most <<is to be distant from friends and family and to not be able to embrace them>> her greatest wish is to <<enjoy the freedom that before was taken for granted>> but nevertheless she  <<has discovered that that celebrating my birthday and that of friends at a distance is not so bad. There is only one problem, the cake was all for me!>>

Carolina Vitolo Tuscany tourism Fattoria del Colle


Carolina, a sommelier that speaks several languages has taken the snap of herself in the kitchen of her home in Sinalunga. During the isolation due to the pandemic she has  <<missed friends and family>> and as soon as it is possible she << would like to organize a party>> . She tells us this anecdote <<this forced isolation has given me the possibility of spending more time with my husband and to dedicate time to our home passions that usually we do not have much time for, such as our chicken shed and the  kitchen>>.


Sara Mazzeschi Tuscany tourism Fattoria del Colle



Sara is from Rapolano, an old and well known thermal centre at about 15 km distance from Fattoria del Colle. Her photo is of her in her lounge in front of a bookshelf. For her what has been most difficult during the Covid-19 isolation << is wearing a mask which I hate, and being able to see people only on my phone>>.

Sara is responsible for organizing weddings and the Corona virus has in a few days destroyed months of work <<I try not to continuously think of this and to accept that a lot has changed but not everything. I just cannot get over it; a few weeks ago everything was easy and natural, even though, as usual it did not seem so at the time. For me 2020 was all organized and the unexpected, good or bad, I would have dealt one at the time. But, after one month I still find myself saying: “but how is this all possible ?!” >> She would simply <<like to go out, be with people more. Many times after work I have said “No” to an aperitif, to  a shopping trip, or passing in front of a friend’s home I have not stopped to say Hi. “I am tired, I’ll do it tomorrow or next week…..” I no longer want to find e excuses>>. Sara too has a brief story <<I have two cousins one in London and one in Milan, who I obviously see very rarely. During this isolation we have therefore booked a time, every Saturday at 3,30 pm ( 2,30 pm for the Londoner) and we video call and all together we cook a dish. It is a fun way to be together and feel closer. For example after Easter the challenge was with Chinese steamed dumplings!>>


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