Valentine's Day, celebrate early with a weekend in the countryside

Siena stevie Kim e Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Valentine's Day, celebrate early with a weekend in the countryside

Valentine’s Day: Weekend in a country inn in Tuscany while waiting, a lovers romantic stay dedicated to the “green& sexy” couples’ love

San-Valentino-massages - and - vinotherapy -at- Fattoria-del-Colle

San-Valentino-massages – and – vinotherapy -at- Fattoria-del-Colle

For Valentine’s Day: aphrodisiac Sienese cookery lesson, solemn promise in front of the golden tree, wine bath and couples’ massage ..Candle-lit dinners, tours of wineries… a weekend where you can live more intensely your romance in the quiet and noble Tuscan countryside.

For information write to or call +39 0577662108.


The most precious products of the earth: wine and oil, contain aphrodisiac benefits known for centuries and that have r recently been confirmed by scientists. The discovery regarding red wine published by “Journal of Sexual Medicine” demonstrates how a couple of glasses increase desire within the couple. Without exaggerating though, too much has exactly the opposite effect, a fit of drowsiness.

Valentine's -Day -Montalcino-itinerant-wine-tasting-at-Casato-Prime-Donne

Valentine’s -Day -Montalcino-itinerant-wine-tasting-at-Casato-Prime-Donne

What better place than Fattoria del Colle to verify the discoveries regarding the sexy virtues of wine?  In the Montalcino wineries and at Fattoria del Colle wines highly rated by the International press are made. Plus there is a restaurant on the hamlet, where the old farmhouses and the 16th century villa have been changed into

During the weekend we have foreseen tours of the wineries plus wine tasting.



Among the noble gifts of the earth is also the extra virgin olive oil that has aphrodisiac effects: an oil massage, especially done as a couple, prepares the skin for caresses and stimulates pleasure with its aroma, which, added to lavender or other natural essences acts as aromatherapy and helps seduction.



Fattoria del Colle is in a very well known area for its extra virgin olive oil and cultivates its olive groves following the organic regime. So the couplet massage, maybe combined with a wine bath in the special juniper tub for two, can be moments of a romantic stay and prelude to a fantastic night. Fattoria del Colle has an exclusive wellness area equipped with sauna, Turkish baths, mini jacuzzi and a massage and vinotherapy area.


There are other suggestions for this lovers weekend in the Tuscan countryside: the candle-lit diners in the restaurant at Fattoria del Colle with its fireplace dining room and its veranda, but most of all the cookery lesson regarding the Sienese cake that is known for its aphrodisiac virtues: panforte – panpepato. Surprisingly easy to make, the true panforte



is a delicacy rich in spices and soft in the mouth (only with the passing of time does it become hard, and in the more industrial versions). Long ago in Siena it was used to “unite” couples, and its aphrodisiac virtue also created some embarrassment. In 1879, before the programmed visit of the King and Queen of Italy to Siena, the ceremonial president carried out an inspection and asked to see the menus for the meals. When the Sienese told him that the typical cake from Siena panforte “panpepato” had aphrodisiac virtues the functionary felt it was unfitting for his majesty and so the patisseurs of the Palio city invented the panforte Margherita substituting black pepper with vanilla!



In the Town hall in Lucignano (30 km from Fattoria del Colle) one finds the largest shrine in the world, it is shake like a tree and is 2 and a half metres high, its branches made of copper, silver, coral, crystal and decorated with enamels and miniatures (1350-1479). On old legend says that love promises made in front of the gold tree are forever. For couples who want to seal their union this ritual could be the crowning of their Valentine’s weekend. At the reception at Fattoria del Colle the road map is available together with a parchment to be read and signed after the promise

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