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6 wines rated more than 90/100 by Wine Advocate-Robert Parker

6 wines rated more than 90/100 by Wine Advocate-Robert Parker

Donatella Cinelli Colombini celebrates the ratings obtained with her Brunello, Doc Orcia, Igt Toscana, Passito and Vin Santo through Robert Parker – Wine Advocate


The positive ratings are always a pleasure but when they come from Robert Parker they are even more appreciated, because these evaluations out of one hundred from the wine magazine created in 1978 by the lawyer from Baltimora, are accepted as influential all over the world and have an effect on the Canadian monopolies  and the large buyers

For this reason receiving from  Wine Advocate Robert Parker a rating over 90/100 on 6 wines during the same year is something that brings great enthusiasm and joy. Donatella Cinelli Colombini is ecstatic!

Among these wines with stellar ratings are two Brunello di Montalcino just out this year (2014 and Riserva 2013), the Vin Santo and the Passito , that get the highest points, with great satisfaction of Donatella’s husband,  Carlo Gardini, true creator of these wines together with the cellar master Barbara Magnani. But there are also two of the main labels of Fattoria del Colle: the Doc Orcia Cenerentola and the IGT Toscana Il Drago e le 8 Colombe.

A result that is a reward for the great work done in the vineyards, cultivated manually and according to the organic regime, but also thanks to the choice of medium and large oak barrels created by small workshops. Every year 5 tonnellerie are chosen according to the characteristics of the harvest with a tailor made approach, like in the 19th century.



The opportunity to have the Fattoria del Colle wines rated arose when Monica Larner, the fantastic Italian reviewer for Wine Advocate -Robert Parker succumbed to Donatella’s insistence and dedicated an article to this wine region. An article that begins with this phrase <<It may be Italy’s most beautiful wine territory>> .

When Monica Larner asked for information for the article, Donatella’s daughter Violante , exclaimed <<mum let’s send the other wines from  Fattoria del Colle, please ask Monica if she will taste them >> and, very diligently, although she is submerged with work, tasted and rated them all.

Obviously not all of them thrilled her, her are those that got the better ratings:

Passito 2017                94/100

The 2017 Toscana Passito (poured from a 375-milliliter bottle) is a pure expression of air-dried Traminer Aromatico. The wine opens to a light amber color with polished copper highlights. On the nose, this very fragrant dessert wine shows aromas of dried apple or apricot with sweet honey and crème brûlée. The mouthfeel is slow and thick, driven by rich glycerine and residual sugar.

Vin santo del Chianti 2007                  93/100

The 2007 Vin Santo del Chianti (packaged in a large 750-milliliter bott

le, which is unusual for this precious category of sweet wine) opens to a dark amber or copper color with light ruby tones that shine bright from deep within the glass. The bouquet is characteristic of Vin Santo with brown sugar, caramel, toasted chestnut and sweet almond paste. There is a delicately toasted note to this wine that keeps it from tasting too sweet or heavy. Indeed, the wine is actually packed tight with a lot of energy and vitality and a lean or compact mouthfeel. There is enough acidity to keep the palate refreshed. Pair it with home-baked amaretti cookies

Il Drago e le 8 Colombe 2015 IGT Toscana             92/100

Translated as “the dragon and the 8 doves,” the 2015 Il Drago e le 8 Colombe is an IGT Toscana blend of 60% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot and 20% Sagrantino. The eight doves refer to the all-female staff at the Donatella Cinelli Colombini winery, and the dragon is Donatella’s hus

band Carlo Gardini. I taste the hearty Sagrantino grape first both in terms the boldness of the bouquet and that slight tannic crunch you get in the mouth. The Merlot serves to soften it up, and the Sangiovese adds freshness and the pretty berry aromas that define the bouquet. This Tuscan red has the heft and substance to pair with grilled steak.

Cenerentola Doc Orcia 2016               91/100

The 2016 Orcia Cenerentola is indeed a “Cinderella” in this group of wines from the up-and-coming Orcia appellation in Tuscany. The wine is made with Sangiovese blended with the little-known Foglia Tonda grape that was almost completely abandoned because it has a difficult time ripening (especially back when dropping fruit was not a common practice). Less than 20 hectares of Foglia Tonda exist in southern Tuscany today. This is a compact, lean-bodied red with bright intensity and aromas of forest berry or wild cherry. The wine offers a unique point of sourness or bitterness that livens up the palate and would pair next to pasta with cream or butter sauce. This is a tight and streamlined wine that hits the palate in direct and immediate fashion.

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