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Albiera Antinori, Priscilla Incisa and Cinzia Merli in Bolgheri

Albiera Antinori, Priscilla Incisa and Cinzia Merli in Bolgheri

Pink triumvirate  for the Consortium of Bolgheri with Albiera Antinori (Guado al  Tasso) president and vice-presidents Priscilla Incisa della  Rocchetta and Cinzia Merli


Di Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Finally women gained leadersh

ip of a major wine Consortium! In Bolgheri Albiera Antinori President will be joined by vicepresidents Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta and Cinzia Merli.


Three names of international prestige, three very talented women who put themselves at the head of the currently most performing Italian denomination, Bolgheri. Something is to be expected that will leave everyone amazed and show the world the value of giving more space to women. Albiera Antinori, first-born of Marchese Piero, together with her sisters Allegra a

nd Alessia, heir to the largest and most prestigious Italian wine group with over 200 million annual revenue. An expert in communication and marketing, Albiera has always stood out for her commitment, balance and professional talent. Skills that, together with the simplicity of her behavior, is appreciated as one of the true minds of Italian wine.


Priscilla Incisa dell Rocchetta, grandaughter of Mario“inventor” of the Sassicaia  is almost a symbol for Bolgheri. Discreet and polite has the ability not to make weigh the enormous international success of her wine that this year has risen on the top of the TOP 100 ranking of the Wine Spectator. The other vice president Cinzia Merli is at the head of another legendary winery, Le Macchiole purchased by her and her husband Eugenio Campolmi in 1983 and directed, after the untimely death of him in 2002, alone. An example of courage and skill that really inspires admiration.
Behind the pink triumvirate of Bolgheri there is a board of directors with six women and five men. Something unusual and truly revolutionary for Italian wine that demands for the first female-led denomination to become an example for all the others.
Already now Bolgheri is the most performing Tuscan denomination and in 2019 it increased the sales of its wines (+16%) and the prices of its vineyards (+25%).


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