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Bubbles galore the world over, but in Italy 7 million less

Uncorking Champagne

Bubbles galore the world over, but in Italy 7 million less

Double figure increases for bubbly wines sold up until 2016 worldwide, with Great Britain overtaking Germany and the US

Uncorking Champagne

How to uncork a bottle of Champagne

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

So all over the world it is a favourable moment for bubbly wines that since 2007 ‘til today have shown an increase of 13,5% (source – WineNews).
Thing are going less well in Italy where 465 million bottles of sparkling wines are produced of which 25 with traditional method and 440 with Italian method with direct sales in the wineries for 1,2 billion Euro.

In 2012 one third of these National wines remained in Italy, where 6 million bottles of foreign sparkling wines were consumed also. A nice amount but less than the sparkling wines consumed in 2011. <<Lack of continuity and lake of faithfulness to the label-says Giampietro Comolli, founder of the Osservatorio Economico Nazionale – are the cause of the decrease in National consumption that began in 2010, after 15 years of continuous growth>>.
The Italian crisis consequently is also affecting this segment which had seemed immune and that however had been more resistant than others in fact since

Trento DOC wine district

The new DOC Trento

2010 the decrease has been of only 6,64%.
Once again we have gone back to buying for a special event; once again we invite people home for dinner, the habit of the “bubbly present” and to buying it in its place of origin. The supermarket is however where more bottles are sold, 61% of sales: 2 bottles out of 5 brut, 1 sweet, 2 extra-dry and dry.

In 2012, 7 million less bottles were sold while the business reduced by 3,60% making evident an increase in average price to the consumer.
Franciacorta and Trento are the main brands that contended the primate, with reduction in prices going as far as 35-40% of the starting price. This action has mainly helped the Franciacorta sales which increased more than those in Trento. The success for rosé sparkling wines has been postponed, as the increase has been quite insignificant.
For Champagne too, in Italy, the crisis is evident with 1 million bottles less opened because of the high cost.

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