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Cenerentola 2019


Great 5-star vintage, the first of a lucky sequence of 4 consecutive good harvests.Cenerentola was born in the Bio- organic vineyards at Fattoria del Colle

Cenerentola 2019

Cenerentola 2019, 5 stars vintage

These are found in southern Tuscany, 404 meters above sea level. Here the  land is mainly composed of marine sands. Our vines are grown organically and harvested by hand. The grapes were vinified, aged in casks and refined in the Fattoria del Colle‘s cellar where all the cellar staff are women including the three winemakers Barbara, Sabrina and Giada.

In 2019, the rainy spring disturbed flowering, reducing the size and number of bunches. A favourable circumstance

for the Foglia Tonda vine which tends to be too productive and rejoices  when the climate helps it to find a balance.

Even the sunny September was very favourable: at the time of the harvest the grapes had very small, very healthy and perfectly ripe berries. The characteristics of the fruit are found in the wine which is particularly rich in colour and noble substances








The Orcia denomination was established on February 14, 2000 in the high hills located between the territories of Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. A date and a location that contain something magical and something complicated. In fact, being born with two older and more important sisters made life difficult for the young Doc Orcia. It took courage, tenacity and stardust to get noticed by the princes of wine, as happened to the Cinderella in the fairy tale.

For this reason, Donatella Cinelli Colombini‘s best Doc Orcia wine is called Cenerentola and she has lavished time, effort and investments in its production to the point of bringing it to starred restaurants and the main wine guides in  the world with scores from 90 to 93/100. A Cinderella of wine who becomes a princess. As a sign of this transformation, since the 2015 vintage there is a crown above the label.


There are two grapes used to produce Cenerentola DOC Orcia: Sangiovese and Foglia Tonda, both indigenous. Sangiovese is the main vine of Tuscany and in the Orcia appellation it is obligatory in quantities e

Cenerentola 2019

Cenerentola 2019

xceeding 60%. In Cenerentola  it is present with about 65%. From a genetic point of view, the Foglia Tonda vine is the offspring of Sangiovese. It has been cultivated in Tuscany since time immemorial and is mentioned in nineteenth-century sources in Chianti Classico. Foglia Tonda vines have also been identified in the historic urban vineyards of Siena. It is a late vine that loves the heat and tends to be too fertile, so its cultivation aims above all to contain the production of grapes. It takes its name from the almost circular leaf. The bunches are cylindrical, compact. They ripen after Sangiovese.

In wine, the Sangiovese Foglia Tonda blend combines the vertical elegance of the first with the greater power of the second, which adds colour and polyphenols.



TYPE: dry red.

PRODUCTION AREA: Tuscany, Trequanda, vineyards Fattoria del Colle .

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE VINTAGE: in 2019 the winter was arid, with no snow and little rain. Spring, on the other hand, was very rainy and delayed the beginning of the vegetative cycle and reduced the size of the bunches. In the summer the heat was interrupted by large thunderstorms. The month of September had a warm start but then the nights became much colder, creating the conditions for a very regular ripening.

GRAPES: Sangiovese and Foglia Tonda

HARVEST: 4th and 7th October. Manual harvest with very careful selection of the bunches. Sangiovese was harvested first while Foglia Tonda was harvested later. The two grape varieties were vinified separately.

VINIFICATION: In 20-50-100 hl steel vats equipped with thermoregulation for 15-18 days. The fermentation temperatures remained spontaneously low. The must had an extraordinary richness of colour and polyphenols. For this reason, closed-cap  maceration on the skins was extended to 20-23 days.

MATURATION IN WOOD: 12 months in 5 hl French oak tonneaux and in small barrels. The Sangiovese and Foglia Tonda wines were matured separately and blended only before bottling.

QUANTITY PRODUCED 12,800 bottles


COLOUR: intense and brilliant ruby ​​red.

BOUQUET: of particular intensity, complexity and finesse. The primary aromas that refer to ripe red fruits are joined by some floral notes of violet and darker and more spicy aromas such as pepper, juniper and citrus.

TASTE: very intense, round, harmonious. It shows an important and pleasantly velvety structure where alcohol and fruit balance an architecture of acids and tannins from a great aging red. Long, pleasant and savoury finish.

ANALYSIS: Alcohol 15% Vol; B.C. Total 5.6 g/l,; B.C. Volatile 0.58 g/l; total SO2 87 mg/l; total extracts 30.2 g/l

FOOD PAIRING: wine suitable for important meat dishes and aged cheeses. Also excellent between meals with savoury biscuits and cold cuts. Vinegar, raw onion and garlic, artichokes and asparagus are to be avoided

TABLE SERVICE: serve at room temperature (18-20°C) in white crystal goblet glasses with large bowls.

CELLARING: 10 years. Lay the bottles flat, in the dark and in the cold.