Chaimaa Fatihi, Giuseppe Casciaro, Bruno Gambacorta and Filippa Lagerback Casato Prime Donne 2016

Chaimaa Fatihi, Giuseppe Casciaro, Bruno Gambacorta and Filippa Lagerback Casato Prime Donne 2016

The Casato Prime Donne jury; with for the first time Donatella Cinelli Colombini as President, have chosen a Muslim young woman who is against Isis


Casato Prime Donne Award 2016 – Chaimaa Fatihi

3 big names have been chosen among those who divulge this territory: Giuseppe Casciaro editor of the Repubblica supplements, Bruno Gambacorta with his Eat Parade and Filippa Lagerback with her tourism by bike.

Chaimaa Fatihi, 23 years old, is studying law in Modena and is the commissary for the Giovani Musulmani d’Italia (young Muslims in Italy) at the Forum Nazionale Giovani, straight after the attack at Bataclan spoke for the Koran followers who are horrified by violence with an open letter -to terrorists then published on the front page of “Repubblica” <<Maledetti Teroristi– Damned terrorists>> she wrote <<My faith is in Islam, a religion that preaches peace …. As a Muslim I disclaim you, I fight you with words, with information, with the voice of those who live daily their faith and being an example of its teachings>>.


Casato Prime Donne Award 2016 – Filippa Lagerback

In this young woman who has affronted the fundamentalists wearing her veil and bare handed, the Jury of the Casato Prime Donne Award – made up of Donatella Cinelli Colombini president, Rosy Bindi, Anselma Dell’Olio, Anna Pesenti, Stefania Rossini, Anna Scafuri and Daniela Viglione- has seen an example of courage and a new type of femininity able to move consciences

The prizes for the journalism sections, destined to those who divulge the Montalcino territory and Brunello went to  Giuseppe Casciaro for the article Dall’albergo vicino a Montalcino un panorama suggestivo. Castello di Velona published in “La Repubblica”, Bruno Gambacorta for his TV programme called 50 anni della DOC sent on air byTG2 Eat Parade and Filippa Lagerback for her TV programme In bici con Filippa: Montalcino sent on air by “Bike Channel”.

Casato-Prime-Donne-Ilda-Bartoloni-Hall- Photographic award

Casato Prime Donne – Ilda-Bartoloni Hall Photographic award

The winner of the photography section will be chosen through an online voting to which everyone is invited to take part before September 4th  www.clientiweb.comcolombini/old. The choice of the 5 finalist images made by the jury resulted in those taken by Claudio Calvani, Maurizio Rellini, Andrea Rabissi and Samuele Tronchi.

The prize giving ceremony will take place in Montalcino on September 18th and will continue at Casato Prime Donne, the first Italian winery staffed only by women.


The initiative has reached this year its 18th edition and has the scope of emphasizing women’s role in society and in the working world as well as to promote the Brunello and Orcia wine regions. During the years it has had an important role in stimulating and emphasizing writers, journalists and photographers who have divulged this splendid area of Tuscany.

In the winery that organizes the award, Casato Prime Donne, on the scope of Montalcino, the hall dedicated to Ilda Bartoloni, a RAI journalist to whom we owe the reinvention of the award in its present feminine key, hosts the winning photographs of all of the past editions. These images are of great interpretative intensity and testimony the changing perception of the countryside and the different sensibility regarding the Brunello countryside.

The “Prima Donna” award assigned by the President of the Jury Donatella Cinelli Colombini is awarded every year to a woman who is a symbol. Women who stand out for their courage, ethics in the behaviour and who are a model for all other women

Each of them leaves a phrase that will remain forever along a meditation-naturalistic trail through the Brunello vineyards in Montalcino. Next to each inscription is a piece of contemporary art by a Tuscan artist.

Past Winners

2000 Francesca Sanvitale – writer

2001 Paola Capriolo – writer

2002 Marta Morazzoni – writer

2003 Carla Fracci – prima ballerina

2004 Kerry Kennedy – human rights activist

2005 Cabrinian Missionary sisters

2006 Volunteer workers of the Telefono Rosa Association

2007 Frances Mayes – writer

2008 Josefa Idem – athlete

2009 Ilaria Capua –

2010 Samantha Cristoforetti – astronaut

2011 Carla Fendi – fashion stylist and culture patron

2012 Maria Carmela Lanzetta- mayor of Monasterace

2013 Linda Laura Sabbadini- Director of the ISTAT Department of Social and Environmental Statistics

2014 Sandra Savaglio – Astrophysicist

2015 Giuseppina Maria Nicolini – Mayor of Lampedusa

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