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Chianti powder and blueberry Chianti

Chianti powder and blueberry Chianti

In 6 months the fraud hunters hired by the Chianti consortium found 6000 cases of kits containing chemical preparations for making wine at home. Lets talk about Chianti powder and blueberry Chianti

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by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

10,700 threats to the Chianti brand identified in the first six months of 2019 by fraud hunters of Griffeshield, a company specialized in new technologies.

The President of the Consorzio del Chianti (Chianti Consortium) Giovanni Busi points out that in the overwhelming majority these are violations of the brand of the denomination but also the sale of counterfeit Chianti wines and counterfeit Chianti labels.



The main fraud is represented by the so-called wine kits, that are the packages containing chemical preparations for making wine at home. Unfortunately the wine “DIY” achieves a remarkable success thanks to the imagination of the fraudsters who also propose the blueberry Chianti. In fact, around 6,000 such proposals have been identified and removed. Another 3,000 offences concern cases of false Chianti sold for real and 2,000 counterfeit labels.


Chianti powder and blueberry Chianti. The marketing of this rubbish is done online through sites like Italian Chianti Style or Original Chianti and Vintners Reserve Chianti or World Vineyard Italian Chianti followed by the main e-commerce channels e-bay and Amazon.
In a jungle-like business scenario with wild beasts and threats everywhere. For this reason the Chianti Consortium has decided to continue monitoring and in the third quarter 2019 Griffeshield has identified other 4,852 new violations. It is clear that fraudsters move as soon as they are discovered and become almost elusive threats. However, in the two years of activity of the Griffeshield fraud hunters, there has been a decrease in threats confirming that the increase in controls has deterred some of the fraudsters.

Young Italians drink Chianti Superiore, Violante Gardini


Surprisingly the area in which the scam is proliferating is the United States. The enforcement rate, namely the removal of unfair products, is 78%. High but not total due to lack of willingness to cooperate.
Bad even the UK where wine kits proliferate and the success rate of contrast actions is 91%.

Paradoxically, things are better in China, the queen of counterfeiting, which, however, has a system of law enforcement that is more effective than the other countries and in fact all instances of removal of fraudulent wines are going well.
The fight against fraud is a means to defend consumers said Giovanni Busi but also a protection of our brand and our companies. We hope that the other consortia will also implement the same strategies.


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