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Chianti Superiore DOCG 2017

Chianti Superiore DOCG 2017

2017 the lowest yield vintage ever brought to the winery gives us a Chianti Superiore, really superior, at Fattoria del Colle in the south of Tuscany

2017 will remain in the history of European viticulture as the year of the great frost. At the end of April, for three consecutive nights an arctic cold wave crossed the continent reaching as far as Spain and Sicily and destroying the buds that, that year, had sprouted 20 days in advance. The photos of Burgundy and Collio with the fires in the vineyards were on the front pages of the newspapers to show the heroism of the winemakers who fought, unfortunately, unnecessarily.
Who, like us, was saved from the frost, then had to fight with the drought and the summer heat that reached 43°C for ten days in a row. The rains of late August and September literally saved the vines and the harvest.
The last scourge was the wild boar which, driven by thirst, also ate the unripe grapes.


Chianti Superiore DOCG 2017

In the end, the harvest of Fattoria del Colle was the lowest ever; about one third of normal production.
The grapes have been selected by hand, in the vineyard to harvest only those with the same level of maturation. A challenging operation, that allowed the production of wines of excellent quality.
Chianti Superiore 2017 has a Mediterranean character“” with a wealth of extracts and alcohol but also a surprising freshness that depends on the careful cultivation of the vineyards– organic and with frequent hoeing –. A wine that gives the best when young and is particularly satisfying to the nose and mouth.

The Chianti Superiore by Donatella Cinelli Colombini is a“family wine” born in the vineyards of Fattoria del Colle, 404 meters above sea level on neoquaternary soils composed of sand and marine clays. In addition to the Sangiovese that is the main grape of Tuscany, it contains a small quantity of complementary grapes, respecting the tradition that wants Chianti as a mix of different grape varieties.


TYPE: dry red.
PRODUCTION AREA: Tuscany, Trequanda, Fattoria del Colle
CHARACTERS OF THE YEAR: early sprouting due to early spring, temperatures then dropped at the end of April. Dry and very hot summer. In September the temperatures dropped to normal standards and the rain moisturized the soil of the vineyards. The harvest took place 20 days before the normal calendar.
Grapes: 90-95% Sangiovese, 5-10% complementary grapes
HARVEST: From 11 to 14 September.
Manual harvest with selection of bunches and grapes. The grapes arrived in the cellar in less than half an hour after they were removed from the plant.
VINIFICATION: small bunches and grapes. The grapes were perfectly healthy and ripe with lignified seeds and a good concentration of extractable polyphenols.


Chianti Superiore DOCG 2017

COLOR: bright ruby red
NOSE: rich in suggestions, fine, clean, recalls the fragrance of Sangiovese grapes with the scents of ripe red fruits and the characteristic violet of Chianti.
TASTE: satisfying, harmonious, broad, the richness of the fruit balances the tannins and remains for a long time pleasantly in the mouth.

FOOD PAIRING: a gastronomic wine that offers the best of itself at the table. Very versatile, can be paired with typical Tuscan food as well as Asian or northern European cuisine.
TABLE SERVICE: room temperature (16-18°C), white glass goblets tulip shaped.
AGEING POTENTIAL: 4-5 years after the harvest. Keep the bottles in flat position, in a dark and cold room.


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