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November – time for the white truffles

tartufo bianco

November – time for the white truffles

The best areas for the collection of white truffles are the Langhe and the Crete Senesi, in other words one of them is right here where we are situated. The heart of the truffle country is  San Giovanni d’ Asso where every year you will find the White Truffle Market Exhibition.  This is the 26th year that it has taken place, it is open on the 12th -13th , and the 19th – 20th   November and is held in the medieval castle, which also houses  the Truffle Museum.  There will be food stands, wine tasting of the Doc Orcia, conventions and trips into the countryside. 

tartufo bianco

White truffle

You will be able to buy truffles and even go looking for him. Many restaurants in the area, including the Osteria di Donatella in  Fattoria del Colle, will be serving menus dedicated to the truffle.

The precious tubers grow in the autumn amongst the roots of Poplar, Oak, Linden, Willow, Hornbeam and Hazel trees.
They like to grow in wet places such as the banks of small streams. Early in the morning the truffle-sniffing dogs will find the truffles and bring them out into the light of the new day. The best truffles are those which are large, without any cavities and which have just been unearthed. At the Fattoria del Colle we have 5 truffle reserves, these are protected areas where truffles grow.   They are situated  at the lowest part of the farm where the soil has more clay, not where there are vineyards, or olive groves, but where the wheat is grown. They are situated in an enchanting  and beautiful valley,  which is very carefully protected, where even smoking is banned because the truffle only grows in uncontaminated areas.

This year the production of truffles is expected to be quite low due to the drought in the last two months. Hopefully there will enough to let you have the opportunity to taste them, don’t forget we are waiting here to serve them to you!

One-click one week photo contest is giving away prizes of trips to the Crete Senesi

Donatella Cinelli Colombini

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