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Organic Chianti superiore 2018 from Fattoria del Colle

Organic Chianti superiore 2018 from Fattoria del Colle

This is the first organic Chianti Superiore made at Fattoria del Colle. It is enriched with aromas thanks to the cold nights and hot days in September.



Chianti Superiore 2018 is a family wine, hence a wine that is born in Fattoria del Colle, that was founded in 1592 by Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s ancestors. This estate has a history more than 400 year old, in the vineyard and in the wines.

Chianti Superiore Bio 2018

This region in Southern Tuscany, at 404 m above sea level, in a territory particularly apt for the production of red wines. It borders with the Chianti Classico, Brunello and Vino Nobile wine regions. The soils are of neo-quaternary origin composed of sand and marine clays. These vineyards were planted on the top of the hills, because well ventilated and well exposed to the sun.

The 2018 vintage was a scarce one because of the frost during the previous year and because of the rainfalls that during the spring disturbed the flowering. In the month of May the showers were particularly frequent and there was also a cloudburst that flooded the winery.

Luckily in September the climate was ideal for the production of great wines, with its cold nights and sunny days, so the grapes size was reduced, and as a result increased the synthesis of the perfumes of the grapes and finally in the cellar we received sound and ripe clusters with a good content of extractable polyphenols

2018 harvest at Fattoria del Colle

2018 harvest at Fattoria del Colle

The Chianti Superiore is a type of Chianti of higher level, because of the quality of the wine and because of the provenance of the grapes from vineyards that do not produce much.



Type: dry red.
Production area: Trequanda, Toscana, Fattoria del Colle.
Vintage characteristics: the spring was very rainy; the summer was cool with frequent storms. The veraison concluded within the month of August. September was dry with great diurnal temperature variation.
Grape types: Sangiovese, with small addition of grapes authorized in Tuscany.
Grape harvest: From October 2nd to 5th. The grapes were handpicked and carefully chosen so as to pick only those clusters that were at the same level of ripening. This meant several repetitions of visiting the same vineyards but meant also that only perfect grapes were vinified. In the cellar there was an ulterior selection of the berries on a sorting table.

Vinification: sound and ripe grapes. The size of the berries was small; there was a slight drying that increased the poliphenolic concentration. To increase the extraction from the skins the pressing was more intense than usual. 10 days of regular alcoholic fermentation followed by 15 days of maceration with the must in contact with the skins.

Quantity produced: 28.000 bottles.



Chianti Superiore Bio 2018

Chianti Superiore Bio 2018

Colour: brilliant ruby red.
Aroma: rich in hints of small berries and fruits such as cherry, blackberry, blueberry. Floral hues such as violets. The aroma is fine, clean, complex, and rich in nuances.
Taste: has the typical and traditional elements of a Chianti because of the balance between its good acidic structure and tannic structure, with a crisp fruit full of taste. In the mouth it is pleasing, harmonious and last s at length.



Serve with: the Chianti Superiore is a wine born to be served with food. It is very versatile and goes well with Italian dishes such as past, meat cheeses or cold cuts but also goes well with fusion cuisine or even dishes from other cultures such as Chinese recipes with tofu or Indian ones like Vindaloo veal or chicken Tandoori.
Way of serving: Room temperature (18-20°C) in crystal tulip shaped wine goblets.
Home ageing: 4-5 years after the harvest. Keep the bottles lying down in a cool dark place.

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