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Rare wine auction by the Donne del Vino-Italian Women in Wine

Rare wine auction by the Donne del Vino-Italian Women in Wine

Excellent wines at an auction to help Vincenzo Rapisarda “the angel” in his humanitarian action for people with burn injuries plus he is personality of the year 2016 according to the  Donne del Vino


Rare-bottle-auction-by the-Donne-del-Vino

<<We will be expecting you on Saturday November 12th from 3 to 6 pm in the Cantine Fratelli Berlucchi in Borgonato di Cortefranca (Brescia). 30 lots will be auctioned where 72 rare and high quality bottles have been grouped together , donated by the   Donne del Vino from all over Italy>> this is the invitation formulated by Donatella Cinelli Colombini National President of the association<< the sum will be used to finance the actions of Prof. Rapisarda in favour of the patients with burn injuries in the poorest regions around the world through the Onlus ALMaUST (Associazione Lombarda per la Malattia da Ustione) which he founded>>.

Vincenzo-Rapisarda-Personaggio-2016-Donne-del-Vino-ALMaUST-248x3001-248x300 (1)

Vincenzo-Rapisarda-Personality-2016-Donne-del-Vino-ALMaUST-248×3001-248×300 (1)

”Donne, Vino e Bellezza”, “Women, Wine and beauty” is the  2016 theme for the Donne del Vino, and it becomes solidarity with a charity action in favour of those who work hard to lessen the terrible damages caused by burns. A scientific and humanitarian job carried out by  Prof. Vincenzo Rapisarda, Director of the  Struttura Complessa di Chirurgia Plastica e Centro per Grandi Ustionati of the Ospedale Niguarda in Milan, through  ALMaUST, an Italian non-profit organization working i Italy and in the poorest regions around the world. The cures regard those physical damages caused by acids or has but also psychological damage caused by the changes in one’s original aspect. This help is for those who cannot afford this type of therapy or those who live in nations where there are no specialized structures.

The Donne del Vino auction is an occasion to sustain these humanitarian actions but also to bring home some wines that otherwise would be impossible to buy. For collectors and for those who like to gist exclusive objects this is really a opportunity not to be missed

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The Donne del Vino have offered for this auction the best bottles from their cellars: centenary bottles, limited editions, super awarded vintages or even with special artist made labels.  The catalogue leaves you speechless and can be seen on the Donne del Vino web site. The bottles donated by the members have been grouped into 30 lots and will be auctioned by the wine educator-sommelier Alessandra Fedi during the splendid evening to take place in the Cantine Fratelli Berlucchi on Saturday November 12th afternoon.


Those wishing to contribute towards this charity without taking part in the auction , it is possible to donate  50 Euro toward ALMaUST Onlus before the auction. The donors will receive a package from the  Donne del Vino


November 12th Program


3,00 pm guided tour of the  Cantina Fratelli Berlucchi, where the lots to be auction will be exhibited.


4 ,00 pm welcoming by Pia Donata Berlucchi, presentation of the  Associazione Nazionale Le Donne del Vino by the president Donatella Cinelli Colombini, awarding of the award to Professor Rapisarda who wil talk about the ALMaUST Onlus.


5,00 pm auction of the 30 lots of rare and prestigious bottles from the Donne del Vino


6,00 pm buffet and wine tasting of the wines offered by the  producers members of the Associazione Nazionale Le Donne del Vino.


Preview of the catalogue with the 30 lots visible on the web site  www.ledonnedelvino.com


To offer 50€: account in the name of ALMaUST Onlus: IT55 T 05048 01798 000000038114. Specify: Donazione Donne del Vino per ALMaUST Onlus together with name, and address to receive the wine at home. As an alternative with credit card/PayPal
 on www.almaust.org clicking on “Donazioni” and “Dona con Le Donne del Vino” in this case too leave name and address.


To confirm participation in the auction: Tel e Fax 02 867577 – Email info@ledonnedelvino.com


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