The black rooster becomes fashionable

The black rooster becomes fashionable

It all began with a discussion as to “where shall I put the rooster” and the nit finished with a smart and fashionable image for the new Chianti Classico


Diletta and Sara wearing Chianti Classico gadgets

Chianti Classico gadgets on Sara and Diletta

Sergio Zingarelli Presidente of the Consorzio presented the members of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina and of the Union Européenne des Gourmets, the “Chianti Classico Revolution” they restyling of the wine appellation from central Tuscany. He told us how it all began with a dispute over where the symbol of the black rooster above the bottles finished with a complete restyling of the image and appellation. In the end, the famous rooster, now with more feathers and an open beak, will be more visible. But that is not the end of the novelties: at the top of the Chianti Classico production pyramid arrives the “Gran Selezione” reserved to the best wines produced on the estates or rather those obtained from the vines of those who bottle them. Then there is the creation of the Chianti Classico Academy with courses for wine lovers lasting half a day or a whole day which include the ABC of the appellation and its tasting.

The most spectacular thing though comes at the end of the dinner at Villa San Lucchesenear Poggibonsi (SI) in and old and suggestive place which the

Chianti Classico Revolution

Zingarelli introducing the Chianti Classico revolution

excellent wines by Rocca delle Macìe have made even more charming. Sergio and Daniela Zingarelli gave out the gadgets which will be useful for divulging the new Chianti Classico course: shoppers, pins, t-shirts, aprons, mouse pads … Wow!!!!! Chianti Classico becomes trendy. Things that are new, smart, and fashionable. Objects that are so beautiful that everyone will use them and become touts for Chianti Classico!

Chianti gourmets soiree with tuna

Tuna and Chianti

My compliments Presidente Zingarelli <<one sees in you the same passion, the same estrus and the same sensibility as your father Italo had>> says the president of the Gourmets Alessandro Bonelli.
Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

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