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The influencers of wine to keep an eye on

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The influencers of wine to keep an eye on

Who wants to create his blog and who wants to be always informed about the news of the world of wine: here are the Top Wine influencer



Di Donatella Cinelli Colombini

The list comes from Sommelier Choice Award and therefore expresses the point of view of sommeliers, that is of a very, very demanding and English-speaking internet users. I have summarized some concepts but I invite you to consult the original article for all the information.
The influencers are of increasing importance, they create a trend, they guide the choices of consumers, especially young consumers. Their target is less elite than the great gurus, the super tasters of the Wine Spectator, Robert Parker and similar.

They speak a simpler language and not strictly related to the quality contained in the bottles. In the world of wine critics, infuencers are looked upon with great suspicion and sometimes with explicit condemnation mainly because social media channels do not have the same ethical codes of journalism and in fact are teeming with fake news and “viral incompetents”. Also the great Luciano Ferraro expressed himself with very tough terms against the influencers during the forum of young wine organized during the Milano Wine Week 2019. In fact, almost at the top of the list there was also his Divine blog that is really trendy.


Whether liked or not, the wine influencers are there and their ability to orient the market is always stronger. So it’s good to know who’s stronger.


Australians from Sidney travel around the world to get to know the wine territories and tell about them. Their style is very discursive and witty. Also the name says a lot in fact the “wine wankers” are those who show off and flaunt their expertise making others feel inferior, all the opposite of Conrad and Drew, the owners of the blog.


It is the best known Master of Wine, an authentic champion of native grape varieties and the defense of local specificities against the globalization of taste. Among the first wine critics to use social media. very elegant and always measured, every word she speaks is a pearl of wisdom. I only had dinner with her once in Vinitaly and I remember her as one of the most extraordinary women I’ve ever met.


Another extraordinary character. Julien Miquel,  globetrotter oenologist, worked for years in the editorial staff of WineSearcher in New Zealand to then create his own digital communication activity with the name “Social vigneron” and then return to Europe. Interviews, opinions, infographics, tastings… his talent is manifold. I’ve met him and I assure you he has an impressive talent. In 2015 he was awarded as the best blogger in the world by the “Wine blog awards”


The reverse wine snob, has visited most of the wine-growing regions of the world and addresses normal consumers


She’s also a water sommelier. She also has a program “Wine conversations with Jessica Altieri” on the Revolver podcast platform promotes brands, wines and events within lifestyle, fashion and travel


The wine siren


London sommelier and international opinion leader.  book “Good better best wines” teaches to drink well without spending a fortune


JEFF KRALIK Expert on wine,bikes and travel
TIM ATKIN Master of Wine  and great taster

JAMIE GOODE Biologist first and expert in wine
LUIZ ALBERTO Wine Hub e #winelover
JOEY CASCO Thewinestalker.net
MICHELLE WILLIAMS Rocking red blog
LIZ PALMER wine & spirit agency
MARILENA BARBERA sicilian producer with very strong

MEG MAKER terroir review
DUSAN JELIC wines of Balkan
KATHERINE COLE the four top


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