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Tourism for lovers in Tuscany.


Tourism for lovers in Tuscany.

Road of the kiss, the tree of love, truffle, panforte, Granduca apartment: many little ingredients of tourism  for lovers in the most beautiful countryside in Tuscany.

South of Tuscany is the ideal



place for a couple’s trip. There are the most romantic places to take selfies, aphrodisiac food that has been used for centuries to rekindle passion and old rituals to swear eternal love. Below you’ll find places and dates for tourism in love in Tuscany.


The top places for romantic selfies are in Pienza (30km from Fattoria del Colle) in Via del Bacio ( road of the kiss) and Via dell’Amore (road of love). Between the stone walls of the city created by Pope Pius II at the end of the fifteenth century, it feels like been on the set of the tv series “the Medicis”. The little alleys that pass on the walls allow to enjoy a breath-taking view on Valdorcia, a site protected by the UNESCO.



Another romantic place is the room of the Grand Duke of Fattoria del Colle

e, builted at the end of the 18th century as a romantic and secret refuge for Pietro Leopoldo d’Asburgo Grand Duke of Tuscany and his lover Isabella. The ceiling is painted all the birds present in Tuscany and the furniture is all antique furniture. Sleeping in this room means entering into a love story that has lasted for over 200 years.


Three appointments for lovers in Tuscany. On Sundays in albis that is the one after Easter, at the Parish of the Madonna in Lamulas (65 km from the Fattoria del Colle) fo


d in’853 A.D. between Arcidosso and Montelaterone takes place the“Festa della pina” which is an ancient rite of engagement. It could come from the Roman era and the thyrsus, symbol of God Dionysus, the classical divinity of drunkenness and the liberation of the senses . The would-be boyfriends give the girl a pine cone painted of gold fixed on a stick or a green twig, if the woman reciprocates by giving a corollo, that is a cookie in the shape of a circle, it means she accepts the proposal. Things go wrong if the stick or twig is returned instead. I am sure that this won’t be our tourist’s case.

The second appointme

nt is almost consequential to the first and, like the previous, mixes religion and a pinch of magic. In Lucignano (30km away from Fattoria del Colle) in the local museum is preserved the golden three.


. It is the world’s largest reliquary 2.60 meters tall, made between 1350 and 1471 by the Sienese goldsmiths Ugolino di Vieri and Gabriello d’Antonio in silver, copper, rock crystal and coral, contains miniatures and glaze. By ancient tradition the tree gives eternal love and for this reason it is called the tree of  love.In front of it the couple promises eternal love and fidelity.The rite is traditionally linked to Valentine’s Day on February 14.
Finally in November there is the white truffle of the Crete Senesi with its famous aphrodisiac virtues. Freshly picked, it has an inebriating perfume and stands out among

all the truffles for its very refined and almost honeyed character, it is in fact not as acute as that of Piedmont. To try it, just come to Fattoria del Colle which has 5 truffle reserves and, in autumn, organizes truffle search with dogs. After the trek in the woods a lunch with truffle noodles is a way to savor intense pleasures and prepare for something amazing afterwards.


.Southern Tuscany offers to lovers other small surprises at the table: there is the kiss-proof– garlic–  “aglione”, the giant garlic that leaves no trace in the breath. Try the aglione pinci of our chef Giovanni Rallo to know if it is true. But the top is the gingerbread panforte, the oldest and noblest dessert of the Sienese tradition, covered with black pepper.
I leave you with the story of an anecdote: when Queen Margaret of Savoia decided to visit Siena made herself preceded by the head of his ceremonial in charge of arranging all the details of the trip.  The Sienese proposed to serve the queen panforte panforte gingerbread pride of the city and stated <<<<is aphrodisiac, for centuries we use it for “stitch up weddings”>>. The sabaudi officials were alarmed <<<<Her Majesty can not eat such a thing! >> they said outraged <<the dessert should be modified by removing the black pepper and the spicy effect>>>.The Sienese embarrassed but determined to enhance their confectionery set to work and created the panforte Margherita covered in white vanilla. The baker of Fattoria del Colle, Patrizia Cenni, prepares both versions in an impeccable way. Try them but for lovers  I definitely recommend gingerbread, the taste is more ancient and difficult but the effect for couple is definitely better.

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