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White wine by the Romans and Riccardo Tesi and his accordion

White wine by the Romans and Riccardo Tesi and his accordion

Riccardo Tesi –Banditaliana- to understand how Tuscan folklore can meet Jazz and the songs by the singer-songwriters De Andrè, Vanoni, Fossati and give us emotions

Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Riccardo Tesi Premio Civiltà contadina 2013

Did you know that the Romanswine was only white? Did you know that the diatonic organ was an ancestor of the accordion? This is what I have learnt on a warm summer evening in Montalcino.
The “Centro studi delle campagne e del lavoro contadino” concludes the Montalcino august with a cultural appointment which surprises and gets more interesting as the years go by. The seminary lasts one week, unites the universities of Bologna, Firenze, Siena and of the Tuscia and this year was dedicated to the history of the countryside. What a wonderful title!
The award “Storia agraria” 2013 went to Gianfranco Pasquali among other things has studied wine. <<Up until the 13th century the important wine was only white, just as in the Roman era. The grapes were first pressed and then allowed to ferment>> explained the eminent historian <<The farmers on the other hand used to ferment the red grapes with the skins so as to obtain first the wine and then the “vinello” letting the skins ferment again with water. Only in the 13th-14th century did the red wines get vinified tank to the discovery of the procedure which allowed more pleasant red wines to be made>>.I think that they had understood how to remove some of the stems before vinification and so they obtained wines that were less tannic and aggressive.

The musical section of the award had as a protagonist Riccardo Tesi, born in

Montalcino Premio Civiltà contadina 2013

Pistoia, and who has travelled the world – he is a composer, accordion player and singer – he began with Caterina Bueno, to whom he dedicated the award. Then experimenting with the various contaminations, uniting traditional Tuscan music to French or Basque, Jazz and even the songs by the singer-songwriters Ivano Fossanti, Fabrizio De Andrè and Giorgio Gaber. The result had such an intensity to leave one speechless, to blow one over and charm because it dug into the memories of each person present.
What a lovely summer in Montalcino!

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