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Who welcomes tourists at Fattoria del Colle

Staff Fattoria del Colle

Who welcomes tourists at Fattoria del Colle

Alessia, Sara, Carolina and Silvia welcome you. They organize stays, visits, natural wellness, tastings and weddings. So today I tell you about who welcomes tourists at Fattoria del Colle


By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Staff Fattoria del Colle

Alessia, Sara, Carolina, Silvia

Some, like Alessia and Sara, have for years been the smiling faces and the kind voices of Fattoria del Colle. Often tourists who come to spend a few days on holiday, visit the wine cellar or just to taste the wine and eat want to meet them because they have talked to them by phone or met them on previous trips. Others arrived last year and perhaps you are more curious about them, they are Carolina and Silvia. Let’s get to know who welcomes tourists at Fattoria del Colle



Carolina is from Sinalunga, only 10 km away from the Farm, but her ancestors are a mix of different

Carolina Vitolo la sommelier della Fattoria del Colle

Carolina Vitolo sommelier at Fattoria del Colle

origins: Istria, Austria and Sardinia. Her studies in law and social studies lead her to work in Brussels in Emma Bonino’s projects on international integration. She is sommelier AIS and in the past has worked on wine tours. In fluent English she comments the wines  in the videos on the  YouTube channel by Donatella Cinelli Colombini.

Hence it is Carolina that  guides most of the wine cellar tastings that will soon expand to the master class on Sangiovese in which she teaches tourists wine lovers why and how this grape gives rise to masterpieces like Brunello.


Silvia Argilli l'artista della Fattoria del Colle

Silvia Argilli the Fattoria del Colle artist

Silvia is from Arezzo and is an artist. She has worked as a painter for a long time as a main activity and for this she is entrusted with the most artistic parts of corporate communication: such as the panels that talk about the territory during the events, photos of wines and dishes and especially the delicious pictures stories that teach how to cook washed bread, Trequanda soup and other local recipes.

Graduate in Political Sciences and Social Service with previous most noteworthy experiences in welcoming at Rondine the Citadel of Peace. There she looked after young people from countries at war who had the experience of studying together and becoming future ambassadors of peace. So, in the group that welcomes tourists, Silvia is the most smiling and the most patient. Certainly she is the only one who manages to remain imperturbable in front of those who claim to be allergic to the male dog hair or, in winter, complains about the cold of the children’s room forgetting the open window.

Finally we are talking about the two veterans of the group, those who often welcome customers saying: “I remember you, you came here three years ago for Easter… “. Sara and Alessia are both, above all , mothers of two beautiful children.



Sara Mazzeschi wedding manager della fattoria del Colle

Sara Mazzeschi wedding manager at Fattoria del Colle

Sara is from Rapolano, the town of travertine and the spa that is 15 km from the farm. She studied political science and then opened a wine bar in Siena. This young woman has always had a great passion for wine and transmits it in experiences such as the “little enologist” a tasting in which visitors of the Fattoria del Colle produce their own supertuscan  making a blend of wines of various grape varieties.

Out of the team Sara is the “wine wedding planner” who organizes the wedding ceremony, dinner, wedding party and honeymoon. Among her couples there are those who start with the bachelorette party or the serenade from the night before but almost all return to greet her and thank her for having fulfilled their love dream.




Finally I present to you Alessia that in reality is the first of the group that is the head of the hospitality, the one that organizes all the incoming of Fattoria del Colle. Hers is a complicated job that includes very different things: from the choice of annual investments, to contracts with the agencies, up to the selection of people to hire and the organization of their work. In technical jargon hers is the back office, what you do not see but is the direction of tourism on the farm and must make everything smooth by anticipating the gas supply or the fresh flowers for the centerpieces of important dinners.

Alessia also deals with communication by coordinating four external collaborations and personally welcoming journalists. Thanks to a strong memory, an impressive mastery of online systems, an excellent English learnt at the University of Pisa and an apparently frail physique but actually tireless (does tens of kilometers a day by bike) Alessia is the real orchestra conductor of the small team that transforms tourists’s stays in real, enriching and regenerating experiences.

And finally you may ask:”but you Donatella what do you do? “  actually very little: smile, greeting to tourists, if possible exchange a few words with them … I’m a country lady who studies, reads, writes and decides investments. I like to preserve the farm as a corner where time miraculously stops and makes visitors feel at home of Tuscan grandparents. Not bad, is it?