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Happy Easter


Happy Easter

On the day of the Resurrection, I would like to read with you some phrases by Gandhi, sentences that perhaps will help us to deserve the salvation won for us by Jesus


Montalcino Sant’Antimo

<<Take a smile, give it to those who have never had it.

Take a ray of sunshine, make it fly where the night reigns.

Discover a spring, let those who live in the mud get wet.

Take a tear, pass it on the face of someone who has never cried.

Take courage put it in the soul of those who can’t fight.

Discover life, tell it to those who don’t know how to understand it.

Take hope and live in its light.

Take the goodness and give it to those who cannot give.

Discover love and make it known to the world>>




Happy Easter

Donatella, Carlo, Violante, Enrico, Lorenzo and all of us of Fattoria del Colle and Casato Prime Donne.