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Cenerentola wine underground cellar

Tuscan party for the inauguration of the winery of the Fattoria del Colle, almost a palace for Cenerentola wine that becomes princess of Doc Orcia


On June 26th, Donatella Cinelli Colombini will inaugurate the expansion and restoration of the Fattoria del Colle winery with the blessing of Bishop Stefano Manetti and a “déjeuner sur l’herbe”, for 150 people. Typical Valdorcian dishes will be served accompanied by Brunello, Orcia Doc, Chianti Superiore and Supertuscans. A country party according to the great Tuscan tradition to celebrate the conclusion of a project that allows to increase the quality of wines and transforms the Fattoria del Colle into a wine destination capable of attracting enthusiasts and offering them unforgettable experiences and tastings.



The main creation is a large underground area intended for the refinement of bottled wines for which 3,366 mc of earth and rock (231 hours of jackhammer by the Edilpellegrini Company) have been moved. The project by architect Silvia Nucci, from the Studio Luigi Rocchi,included a single large room of 450m2 for the aging of bottled wine.

Here the temperature must remain at constant 16°C while in the area for sparkling wine it drops to 12°C.  It is in this area, separated by panels, that the pupitres have been placed for the manual remuage of the brut rosé classic method obtained from Sangiovese grapes.





Outside Donatella Cinelli Colombini asked the designers and artisans who worked at the construction site – all local -, to be inspired by what they saw around them. Donatella is in fact a strong opposer of the “non-places” that take away identity from the territories. From this request and from the long months of lockdown, which have confined everyone around the house, the idea was born to reproduce in metal the oak woods near the Fattoria del Colle.

In winter the noblest trees of the Mediterranean scrub, become a lace of bare branches that rise to the sky. The young architect Elisa Boldi (Coima) designed them as silhouettes and cut them with laser on iron slabs making them then get rusty so that they had the same colour as the trees. Finally, the corten forest has been put, for 50 meters, around the new cellar and delimits the panoramic terrace above.

The silhouettes of the oaks allowed the designer Silvia Nucci to create continuity between the new building and the pre-existing part with the fermentation room, the bottling area and a farmhouse built about a century ago. In this last building the immersive room has been built, with the antique bottle library and a system of images, sounds and lights that teaches wine lovers to “listen to the vineyards”.