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Dry January is more and more cool, but is it really good for you?

Among the techniques to limit the consumption of alcohol, dry January has made inroads above all in the  generation Z but is spreading everywhere


Dry January, a month without alcohol

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

This trend is a kind of early Lent but with the same regenerating purpose after a period of abuse such as that of the Christmas and New Year holidays. It consists in avoiding all sorts of alcohol throughout the month of January








My friends from London city have told me that Dry January is very popular in the world of finance. In the United Kingdom, in fact, since 2013 Alcohol Change UK has been conducting major campaigns to promote it and helps participants with a coaching action through a free app. Inside there are not only tips but also the calculation of calories and money saved during the month without alcohol.

The Morning Consult survey conducted January 4-5, 2021 with 2,200 US adults found that 13% of American respondents were participating in Dry January.