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Music and wine: How sounds make you sell more

Music and wine: How sounds make you sell more

Among the senses the strongest is  sight but also  hearing has a decisive influence on  taste and even on the purchase of wine with the “Lafite effect”.  Music and wine: How sounds make you sell more


By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Refined music drives you to buy expensive wines, relaxing music decreases the frustration of those queuing in front of the register, whereas a very well-known music distracts you from buying.

So, the rhythm accelerates consumer movements between the shelves and decreases sales. Here, in a nutshell, how sounds can change the attitude of wine lovers inside a wine bar or in the shop of the cellar.
That’s why spreading the sounds of an opera helps an Italian winery to sell more and more expensive wines.


Professor Vincenzo Russo, the most experienced Italian neuromarketing expert,  teaches us, through Trebicchieri – economic weekly by Gambero Rosso, how  sounds influence the purchase of wine.

It should be assumed that hearing has an “adaptive function” because it is closely connected with three parts of the brain. We have the limbic system in which emotions reside, the prefrontal Cortex that makes us feel pleasure and motor Cortex that, as the name says, commands movement. The first two are the real pleasure centers in all of us, in fact they are the parts of our brain that react “euphorically” when we eat food that we like, and consequently when we  have sex or we use drugs.