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Pinci recipe- just how grandma made them

Pinci all'Oro della Val d'Orcia


Pinci, pici, lunghetti … call them as you wish but they are delicious. This sienese hand made pasta at Colle is prepared and taught

Every week the housewives at Fattoria del Colle (Country Inn  in Tuscany) – teach guests how to prepare pinci. It is quite a long procedure but it is easy, and everyone is able to learn the movement which transforms the fresh pasta dough into a long string ling shape (pincio means string, rope). Then for dinner the Osteria della fattoria del Colle serves a “pinci tasting” which means three servings with 3 different dressings. Often with duck sauce, typical in the Valdichiana area which up until the 17th century was an area full of marshes.