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This is a delicious appetizer or summer main course. Chianti Tuna is made from pork and does not contain fish. Very easy, but long, to prepare

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini #winedestination


tonno del Chianti Fattoria del Colle Toscana

Chianti Tuna Fattoria del Colle Toscana

In Tuscany many recipes have confusing names: the “mice” are stuffed courgette flowers, the “mock thrushes”  are veal rolls, the Sienese Schiacciata is a very sophisticated dessert… Chianti tuna resembles the flavour of fish but actually contains pork and was actually born from the need to preserve meat in an era when there were no refrigerators so putting it “in oil” was a good way to prevent it from going bad.


It is thanks to the poet- butcher Dario Cecchini of Panzano that Chianti Tuna became famous , he brought it back from the ancient popular tradition.


It is served cold on toasted bread (preferably Tuscan, without salt) with a salad of tomatoes and capers or with boiled and seasoned cannellini beans. In popular tradition it is also accompanied by pickles and red onion but I prefer homemade mayonnaise.


I know well that the cooking wine should be the same that that accompanies the dish but, in this case, I recommend drinking a well-structured rosé such as the IGT Rosa di Tetto from Fattoria del Colle.