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USA duties to which wines do they do most harm?

How much and on which Italian wines could US duties do us most harm? In percentage terms on white wines but the absolute terms on red Tuscan PDOs


By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Are the great Tuscan reds, Brunello, Bolgheri and Chianti Classico the ones that would come out with broken bones if Trump put import duties? Probably they are.


An analysis made by Corriere Vinicolo draws the geography of the possible disaster, keeping in mind that after October 2019, that is after the application of the duties, it seems French wines lost 36% of their business to the USA, although Champagne and great reds were exempt from the tax. Such a backlash  in  purchases that perhaps the income of the American treasury has been negative even with respect to the past. Apparently the real effect of the duties was not the recovery of the money paid to the Airbus Consortium, which according to Trump brought Boeing to its knees (as if the 737 Boeing did not fall) but to terrorize European governments and create a veritable chaos in the US distribution system of importers, distributors and retailers.