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Corolli di Montalcino for Lent

To call them Lent Pastries is exaggerated, these Corolli from the Montalcino tradition are soft buns with little taste

Lent Corollo di Montalcino recipe

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

In Montalcino, long ago, it was possible to buy these only during the 40 days Easter. Only bakeries sold them, and with their vans they delivered all over the countryside. Even further back the farmer’s wives would bake them in the wood fire, placing them in the oven after everything else had been cooked, so the temperature was much lower.

The Corolli are doughnut shaped buns to be dunked in milk at breakfast timer. They are not very sweet so I always thought that they were “repentance” quite the opposite of the tasty cakes and desserts for carnival time or the rich Ricciarelli and Panforte for Christmas time.


Ossi di Morto, is there a better way to remember Montalcino?

The Ossi di morto biscuits are delicious dry biscuits made with egg whites and almonds. These are from Montalcino where Brunello and gravediggers can be found [caption id="attachment_8520" align="alignleft" width="300"] Ossi-di-morto biscuits[/caption] THE STORY BEHIND A NICKNAME The nick name beccamorti (gravediggers) has been given to the Montalcino population in 1260 when they went to the Montaperti so slowly that when they got there the battle was over, and the Sienese, winning side, punished them, forcing them to bury all of the dead. And there were so many corpses that Dante said that their blood coloured the Arbia river red. An historic episode...