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Camera dei Vignaioli, restoration of the panoramic swimming pool, starry sky for wedding dinners … many small things to add charm to  Fattoria del Colle


Piscina panoramica prima del restauro Fattoria del Colle

Panoramic swimming pool before the restoration Fattoria del Colle

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

In truth, the Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda, in the most beautiful Tuscan countryside, is loved because it hasn’t changed, because those who come back after twenty years find their memories …. However, updates are essential to keep alive a small hamlet  with four hundred years of history. And here is the news for 2023.



The Vignaioli room is located on the ground floor in the building formerly called Podere Ginestreto and built over two hundred years ago. Externally it has two large brick arches over the lane which crosses the Fattoria del Colle and is now used for outdoor seating. Presumably in the past it was a stable or a warehouse for carts, plows and other agricultural implements. More recently it has been used as a canteen for the winemakers who cultivate the most precious things on the farm: the Sangiovese vines. This is why it is called the Grape growers’ room. It is furnished with a small sofa, a chest of drawers and an authentic antique wardrobe that give a lived-in feel to this room, restored in 2023 and equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi.

As is well known, Tuscany protects historic buildings and landscapes. For this reason, the restoration of the Camera Vignaioli was a real puzzle and only after many attempts did the definitive project arrive. One of the arches was reduced (the other had already been closed in the past) using ancient bricks and this made it possible to create an entrance to the bedroom and bathroom. The result seems very trendy with the shower cubicle separated from the bathroom, but, in reality, it derives from the need to respect the existing volumes.