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90/100 to Brunello Prime Donne by Tanzer alias Ian D’Agata

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90/100 to Brunello Prime Donne by Tanzer alias Ian D’Agata

His name is Stephen Tanzer but in Italy we read it Ian d’Agata, he is the autochthonous variety paladin who tastes wine for International Wine Cellar

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Ian d'Agata

the wine critic Ian D'Agata

90/100 is the rating given to Brunello Prime Donne 2008 by a magazine known for its strict judgments, is consequently a fantastic result. Tanzer, since 1985, is the direct rival of Wine Advocate who combats their fiery prose with a most composed stile, with however the same type of rigour. Among the major wine critics, Tanzer is the one who is closest to the consumer; this has been demonstrated by the comparison of judgements on Cellar tracker, the web site where every wine lover can express their opinion.
In Italy Tanzer has a young and very expert collaborator: Ian d’Agata the autochthonous variety paladin, who is at this moment writing a monumental work of art on them. But that is not all, Ian writes for the major British wine magazine “Decanter” and, believe it or not, for “Figaro” . He also teaches. But not in the university of the remotest place in the world, but in the New York University. In other words there is no prestige missing here. Regarding Montalcino he is one of those who is all for the division of the Brunelloterritory

Brunello Prime Donne, Sara shows the rating

Brunello Prime Donne 2008

in zones, so as to put emphasis on the diversity of the product. It is not a rating, says Ian d’Agata because Pauillac and Margaux are different but both produce excellent wines.

It is he who describes the Brunello 2008 Prime Donne with these words <<Good bright full red. More scented and high toned than the basic 2008 release, offering dark red cherry, mint and floral elements; a note of chocolate-covered dry raspberry emerged with air. Fine-grained and floral, with a light touch and attractive inner-mouth perfume to its red cherry flavour .Finishes with substantial dusty tannins. This is likely to age well>>

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