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Brunello Prime Donne 2015 a wine to marry.


Brunello Prime Donne 2015 a wine to marry.

Great vintage of Brunello 5 stars suitable for long aging and important anniversaries. Who had a child in 2015 can keep it for his wedding

Brunello di Montalcino Prime Donne is produced only in the best vintages. It’s a small selection of 6,000 bottles intended for high-level restaurants and wine bars around the world.

It’s the first Brunello produced and thought from a female perspective. In fact, the winery that produces it, Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino, is the first in Italy with an only female staff, including the enologist. In addition, it is the first long-aging red wine that is followed, from birth to bottling, by a pannel of 4 expert international tasters: a wine shop owner, a sommelier and two Master of Wine: Astrid Schwarz, Daniela Scrobogna, Rosemary George MW to which is about to be added the Swedish Madeleine Stenwreth MW. They choose the wine among the different vineyards of Sangiovese Brunello, decide the type of oak barrel and finally the blend among the oak barrels .

Obviously Brunello Prime Donne is also popular with men and has excellent ratings in the main international press, but it is also a flag for female wine. In fact, in 1998 when Donatella


Cinelli Colombini inaugurated the project “Prime Donne” and the role of the fair sex in enology was very small, this wine was the first to celebrate the importance of female taste.
Brunello Prime Donne is very traditional, with an excellent structure with velvety tannins and great harmony.
In the last ten years the tasters have always chosen wines obtained from the grapes of the Ardita vineyard on the top of the hill of Casato Prime Donne. A plot planted in 2001  250 m above sea level, with splendid exposure and soil with prevalence of clay and limestone.


TIPOLOGY: dry red.

ION: Tuscany, Montalcino, Casato Prime Donne
CLIMAT: mild and rainy winter, very rainy sping. The vines started the vegetative cycle early and developed quickly, stopping in July because of the very intense heat. The version began around July 20. August brought rains alternated with hot and sunny days. September had strong excursions between night and day.

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Sangiovese
HARVEST:  The day of the harvest was decided by analyzing and tasting the grapes. Manual harvesting with careful selection of the bunches and subsequent passage on the sorting table to remove any impurities.

VINIFICATION: In thermo-regulated truncated cone vats, with open cap and mechanized fulling system. The size of the vats was decided according to the size of the vineyards and the speed of harvest to fill them always in a working day. After the alcoholic fermentation the wine remained to macerate 15 days in contact with the skins of the grapes.
AGING IN OAK: tonneau of 5 and 7 hectolitres of French oak produced by 4 artisan laboratories. The use of different oak barrels, for origin and processing technique, serves to increase the complexity of the wine and allows a tailoring process giving each wine the most suitable container. The tonneau containing the future Brunello Prime Donne are marked by a red heart hanging in frontof them. The aging is finished in traditional barrels of 15-40 hl of Slavonian oak. Before bottling Brunello stood in bare concrete containers. It was not filtered.
QUANTITY PRODUCED: 6.600 bottles.


COLOUR: bright ruby red. The slow rotation of the wine in the glass highlights its structure and richness.
NOSE: complex, deep, fine, full of suggestions that begin with ripe red fruits, continue with the underbrush, exotic fruits and the most sensual spices.



TASTE: it stands out for the perfect harmony of its components: the solid structure, the fullness of the fruit, silky tannins, the satisfying breadth of the flavour that lengthens elegantly in a pleasant and persistent finish.


PAIRING : gastronomic wine that goes with important dishes such as roast meat, mature cheeses, game.

SERVICE: room temperature (18-20°C). White crystal glass with big cup. It’s better to uncork the bottle an hour before the service and decant it taking care to facilitate intense oxygenation
AGEING POTENTIAL: 30-40 years and over. Keep the bottles flat, in the dark and cold temperature. Replace the cork in the cellar of Donatella Cinelli Colombini when the liquid has dropped to the shoulder of the bottle (about 2035)

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